Last Letter

Hannah will be arriving at SFO tomorrow Dec 1, at 1:00, if you are available come join us in welcoming her home.
Delta ft 1680 – Atlanta to SFO  Terminal 1

This is Hannah’s last letter that was sent by her Mission President.  Quote:

Sister Hansen,

Here is a letter that your daughter asked us to send to you.
Please allow me to tell you what a wonderful daughter you have.  She has been an outstanding missionary, always so positive and happy.  She has been such a positive influence every where she has served and has blessed so many with her leadership and training.   Sister Lunt and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. 
Misión Perú Lima Sur
From Hannah
Wow!  I cannot believe this is the last letter I will be sending home as a full time missionary.
These past 18 months have gone by too fast!! As I began to look back on my mission I began to realize how much I have learned and how much I’ve changed.  I haven’t just learned how to speak Spanish or eat every part of a chicken’s body.  I haven’t just grown to love rice (in every meal) or be accustomed to riding like sardines in Lima’s public transporation.
Be more importantly I’ve learned what the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is,  I’ve felt the Atonement working in my life and the lives of others.  I’ve come to understand that Christ suffered and died for us becuase he loves us and because he wants us to be happy.  He has felt every sickness, pain and suffering- he knows how we feel in the most difficult of moments.  I know because I’ve felt His love and His guidance.  I’ve been comforted and lifted up on more than one occasion.
I love being able to testify of Christ each day—I love being able to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives.  I’ve come to understand that happiness can come from many things but the joy you feel from the Gospel of Jesus Christ is something different.  The hope that comes from the knowledge, that because of Jesus Christ, we can live with our families forever is something that brings peace.
In these last 18 months this hope to live with my family forever has transformed into something I know—something I trust will happen.  I know that I will return to see my father someday.  I know that this life is not the end and because Jesus Christ was resurrected each of us will be resurrected.  I trust that all unjust things will be healed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Each time I’ve shared my testimony it has grown.
I’ve felt a strong confirmation, a sweet joy that I can’t deny that these things are true.  I can’t imagine my life without the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I can’t imagine my life with these experiences  I’ve had in Peru.
I know the Lord has a plan for each of us, that even though my 18 months is ending, my time to be a disciple of Christ is just beginning.  Mosiah 16:9
Love you all so much!!
Hermana Hansen

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