Week 76

arroz chaufa! ….. peru’s version of fried rice 

in lima… these are the vending machines in the bathroom….

This will be the next to the last letter from Hannah. 
She will be arriving home on Dec 1st. at 1:06 pm 
We’d love you to join us to welcome her home when she arrives at SFO.
If you can make it her flight information is
Delta Air Lines DL 1680
Departure 01 December 10:50 AM Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Atl (+) Terminal: S
Arrival 01 December 01:06 PM San Francisco San Francisco Intl (+) Terminal: 1
Duration 05:16 (Non stop)
Booking status Confirmed
Class Economy (Q)
Baggage allowance 2PC
Equipment BOEING 737-
Wow! This week went by faster than most! Here’s a rundown of what happened!
Families in the street!- Okay, so about 2 weeks ago my companions and I contacted a super-cute family in the street! They were great but they didn’t want to give us their contact information and even though they were a bit stand-offish, they were super friendly. As we walked away from the contact, my companions and I felt bad that we hadn’t been able to get their info. But as we were walking away a thought came to my mind…. if we are meant to teach them the Lord will put them in our path again…. and that is exactly what happened yesterday! As we were walking through our area we saw the same family!!! Obviously we contacted them, and they were notably impressed that we had run into one another once more. This time they gave their information to us right away and we have an appointment to go visit them this week! It was a true testimony to me that the Lord is preparing people, he listens to our prayers, and is guiding us in each moment!
Marriage Proposals!- This week we had an awesome lesson with Gladys and Nicolas. We decided to base our lesson on “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” to help them realize the importance of families and marriage. Nicolas and Gladys have been living together for 10 years!! Gladys told us that she has never had desires to get married, and she still didn’t really understand the point of it all. To respond to her doubts we began to read a few paragraphs of the proclamation. As we read we could see Gladys was beginning to understand, She explained that she had never thought it was so important to God that we have families based on the vows of marriage. We then explained that through marriage our families can be sealed together forever, we can literally live with our families even after this life. The Spirit was so strong and I began to think about how grateful I am that my parents decided to be married and sealed for all eternity. That all my life I could witness, and see an amazing example of what temple marriage is and how it can bless our lives. As we invited Nicolas and Gladys to get married the cutest thing happened… Nicolas turned to Gladys said her full name and asked for her hand in marriage…. she accepted and they gave each other a little kiss! Ah it was such a sweet moment and truly was a little miracles!! I can only imagine how Nicolas’s son, whose serving a mission in Columbia,  will feel today when he receives the email that his parents are engaged!
I Love this work and I feel so blessed to have this amazing calling! I know the Lord is preparing people each day and I know that through our small actions we can truly make a difference!
Love you all!
Hermana Hansen

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