Week 75

Hannah will be home December 1, SFO
Hola Familia! 

This week was amazing!! Here is a little highlight of the week!!…
Finding a Family!- This week my companions and I went to find a reference that I had received in my email last week! Irene had come in contact with the missionaries in her mother’s house. Her mom had been baptized about a year ago and she had seen the changes and the help her mother had received from the church- wanting this change in her own life, she had given her information to the misisonaries! When we arrived at her house, we also invited her husband to join us for the lesson. After waiting for what seemed like forever, her husband finally arrived and we were able to meet Alex. At first Alex seemed a little bit more difficult- with his arms covered in tattoos and his face with an expression of ” I’m not interested” my companions and I were praying that the Spirit could touch his heart. Our first lesson with them was great- They both had great desires to follow Christ and even with their 1 year old son… who is the most noisy, crazy child I have ever seen… they were able to commit to reading The Book of Mormon. It was super funny because Irene told us that she was going to follow in this path one way or another and if Alex wanted to follow her that would be his choice… a bit caught off guard Alex affirmed that he was with her and he wanted this for his family too! So when we asked Alex to say the prayer at the end of the lesson, he agreed. As we all kneeled together to pray there was a sweet Spirit in his prayer… as he finished he shared with us that it was the first prayer he had ever offered in his life! Wow! Nothing compares with seeing a father kneel with his family for the first time in his life and humbly ask for help and guidance in his life and the life of his family! This sweet spirit only continued in our next lesson… they had read the chapter we had left in the Book of Mormon and as we taught the restoration they were able to listen and comprehend despite the noises of their little earthquake of a child. And as Alex knelt for the second time in his life to offer another closing prayer, we were able to see him smile! We could see something different in his face- happiness. Alex told us that while reading the Book of Mormon and praying, he had felt like it had “filled him up”, he had felt a peace and comfort. For me this was an amazing miracle. That someone who at first was so standoffish could later be the one asking us when we could come back for another lesson! That he could be the one praying and wanting to act and learn more! They even went to church on Sunday!
I’m so grateful that we were able to find this family that the Lord has been preparing. I know that there are people waiting to hear this restored gospel and I feel so blessed for the opportunity I have to teach and love them! I love being a missionary. I love testifying of Christ! I love seeing how the gospel of Jesus Christ Changes lives!!!
Love you all!
Hermana Hansen
Loved seeing the photos!!! Looks like everyone is doing great!!! I will be using the southwest card to purchase whatever I will use! I will be paying you back after!! ahh that is so crazy that ellie is due so soon and that thanksgiving is next week! … even stranger is that I will be able to tell you to save me some stuffing….

You’re so right. it’s so strange to think that the mission is coming to an end. I’m trying not to think about it much and its actually wonderful because we are working so hard I don’t have to distract myself too much! I will totally write down my testimony so I never forget it! lately I’ve been writing a lot more in my journal… getting kind of sentimental and all!
thanks for your letters each week! I cherish them!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
On the roof of the house!



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