Week 74

My Companions!!!

My Companions!!!

Saying goodbye to hna Ramirez... cried my eyes out!

Saying goodbye to hna Ramirez… cried my eyes out!

mom' daughter' granddaughter! generational mission photos! haha

mom’ daughter’ granddaughter! generational mission photos! haha

Hola Familia!

This week was a bit rough, but also filled with miracles and great moments! Ah I just love being a missionary!  Here is a rundown of the week….
Leadership Council!- Ah this week was my last leadership council! It was such a blessing because I got to see lots of my companions who are serving outside of Lima! The thing that impacted me the most was seeing Hermana Ramirez who I trained when I was at the beginning of my mission. I still remember going to pick her up on her first day in the mission and and now she has a year! We both couldn’t believe how fast the time has gone by… how fast the mission flies. It’s so amazing to see how she has become such a great leader and example in the mission! ahh! I also got to see my other “hija” Hermana Haupt!! It was so great to catch up while also listening to the new council from our president!
Familia Ticona.- Quick update on the amazing Ticona Family! This Sunday for the first time ever Maria came with her husband Christian!!! It was amazing to see Chrstian acting and exercising his faith! He enjoyed the meetings and even though he ended up getting stuck in nursery for a bit… he enjoyed the snacks haha and said he’ll be coming back next week! They are still talking about a marriage date, but I know with all of my heart that one day they will be an eternal family! And even though I may not be here to see it all unfold, I feel blessed that I get to be here to help them in this amazing process!!
Miracle! – This week was a bit rough at first because we had not found new investigators all week! It was 7:00 Sunday night, and we still had not found anyone! But it came to our minds to visit a less active, Nicolas, who lives with his girlfriend who is not a member. To our surprise they were there and for the first time ever, his girlfriend, Gladys, decided to listen! Our lesson was great and we were able to see that Gladys has true desires to receive answers about the church and do what she can to have an eternal family!  ahhh it was such a miracle to us that we were able to find a new family to teach! My companions and I left the lesson grateful and estatic that we had been able to witness a miracle … that the Lord had helped us when we had done all we could!
The Power of a Testimony- Juan is such an amazing investigator. In each lesson we can see his faith growing! This past week we had the opportunity to teach the Plan of Salvation! As we were testifying of eternal families Juan looked straight at me and asked me “do you really believe that this plan is true?” I responded with a quick yes and then began to explain, why or how I know. I told him that I believe every person has experiences in their lives that help them realize that the Lord has a plan for each of us, for me this realization happened recently. I had learned about the Plan of Salvation from a young age and I had believed it. I believed that my family could live together forever. But when my father passed away about a year ago, the plan became much more personal and meaningful. It was no longer my family can be together forever. But it was I know my family will be together forever if I do my part. I know I will see my father again. I know I will be able to see my parents together again. I know it! And for me my answer or confirmation of this plan comes each time I teach it! Each time I testify of this wonderful future our Heavenly Father has prepared for us! Each time I testify of Eternal families I feel this burning confirmation in my heart that it is true and that my dad is there waiting for me! …. as I shared this experience and my testimony with Juan the Spirit filled the room…. it was so powerful it just hit you. It was such a tender mercy to me that I was able to share my testimony with Juan in this moment. As this past week was the year mark of my father’s passing, sharing this testimony helped me realize how much this Plan is a part of my life and helped me remember that because of Jesus Christ “there is no more death”
I love this work and I know the Lord blesses us when we do our part! I testify that the Lord has a plan for each of us! I love this work and I love this gospel!!
love you all!!
hermana hansen
(response from my letter)
awwww it looks like the perfect way to remember such an amazing father and friend! My emotions too are all over the place… it feels so weird that a year ago our lives changed for good… I also think that remembering dad’s passing at this moment when I only have a few weeks left is also really hard because I feel like here in the mission … that is my life and I feel the help and guidence of Dad often. I love being a missionary and I feel so blessed to be with these companions at this time… the Lord truly knows what we need when we need it and I testify that is 100 percent true! I will make sure to write my testimony as I know this time in my life is when I had the chance to focus 100% on my relationship with the Lord. I feel so grateful for these 17 months that I’ve had and the 3 weeks I have left!

Love you so much!
ps I was thinking it would be fun to buy something for all of the hermanas in the mission as like a christmas present…. Is it okay if I use your card and pay you back! I just know lots of missionaries don’t recieve things for christmas and it would be cheaper to buy here and give to my companions to send around christmastime!
love you so much!
ps you look so good and skinny!!! I however an getting fatter in lima! ahhhh

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