Week 72

My Companions!!

My Companions!!

A big switch up from the dirt roads of Ayacucho!!

A big switch up from the dirt roads of Ayacucho!!

WOW! this week has been crazy!! Here’s an update!!

New Companions!- Woo! This week I received my new companion Hermana Molina! She is from Chile and is seriously the cutest thing. She totally reminds me of a chilean disney princess! She has such a strong testimony and every time she shares her testimony in lessons the Spirit is so strong! It’s also been great because I’m still with Hermana Esser! I think I win the prize for having the most trios in the mission, but I also have lucked out in each one!
Opening Area!- Wow! for those of you who know what opening an area is, know it is difficult. Mostly because my sense of directions is awful but also because you don’t have that base with the members or investigators that you normally have when you come into a new area. Even with these struggles my companions and I are having a blast and seeing miracles. Even though we get lost at least once a day- we’ve really come to know one another and we truly enjoy our time together! We’ve also had wonderful experiences being led by the Spirit and seeing the hand of the Lord directing us to people who are being prepared to hear the gospel!
Lima! – Okay, Lima is a whole new culture for me! I’d gotten so used to dirt floors and people taking their pigs for a walk that walking down these paved roads kinda caught me off guard! It’s so funny because Hermana Esser and I are always shocked with how beautiful the houses are here and how there aren’t mamitas walking through the streets! We’re also getting used to a huge ward! Seriously, there are so many wonderful members and so many wonderful programs and activities through our ward! We even had refreshments after our ward council…. that’s a first!
Miracles!- Our miracle this week was finding a new investigator named Juan! The hermanas who were in our area before left his name written on the whiteboard in our room and not knowing anything about him made an appointment to visit him! As we began the lesson we found out that his wife was an inactive member and after years of hearing about the church he finally had the desire to receive his own answers. It was amazing because our 2 lessons with him this past week were extremely short- but also filled with the Spirit! We could truly see the Holy Ghost working within us and helping Juan to recognize the answers to his prayers! When we invited him to be baptized, he expressed to us the real desires he has to take this step and be an example to his wife and his son! He accepted a baptism date and committed to doing all he can to receive answers to his prayers. It was a truly remarkable moment for me because after days of getting lost, not having lessons, and walking trying to find people to teach…. the Lord blessed us with this tender mercy. Someone who is so willing to accept the Savior in his life. And someone who truly has the desire to follow the example of Jesus Christ! It made me remember that when we do our part, the Lord helps us do what we can’t do alone. The Lord blesses us with tender mercies and miracles! —- we just need to notice them!
I love being here in Peru. I love being a missionary! I love seeing how the gospel changes lives everyday! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve in this time with these people and I know the Lord is guiding me in each moment!
Love you all!!
Hermana Hansen

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