Week 70

Hanging our laundry out to dry!!

Hanging our laundry out to dry!!

View from our roof!!

View from our roof!!

Look who we found on our roof!  The peeping pug!

Look who we found on our roof! The peeping pug!

Hola Familia! 

Wow! This week went by so fast! I cannot believe it is already Monday! This week was filled with hard days, but also amazing miracles!!!
Concilio!- This week was another Leadership Council, so I made the trek to Lima!! The theme of the Council was how we could work better with the members in our ward to find more families to teach! Our president proposed a challenge to each of us….Teach the first vision to active members of the church and strengthen their families while asking for references! It was amazing because after returning back to my area in Ayacucho, my companion and I applied it… and we saw miracles! We decided to visit the family of one of the counselors in the bishopbric. As we taught the First Vision (Joseph Smith’s incredible experience of seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a miraculous vision) we felt the need to also share “The Family- A Proclamation to the World!”and talk about the importance that they have as parents to change and improve the world! Even though we didn’t receive any references in that 30 min, we felt that our visit had been inspired. Exactly what they needed in that moment. The true miracle happened the next day in Church when the counselor gave a talk in sacrament and talked about our visit and how it had touched his heart in a critical moment, and when his wife shared her testimony in Relief Society…that she had been praying for help and guidance when we arrived at her house! It’s amazing to me how the Spirit really does work through us to help those who need it!!
Finding a Family!- Last week as we were walking to an appointment we felt the need to contact a family who was walking our direction! As we contacted them we were amazed to discover that years ago they had listened to the missionaries and were happy to receive us in their home! When we arrived in the home of Georgina and Ronald the Spirit was so strong it was incredible. And as we sang “Families Can Be Together Forever” an even stronger Spirit of love and happiness filled the room! I felt as if I had met them before, I felt as if I knew this family! As we taught the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we were stunned by their want to find out for themselves if this message was true! Even more amazing were their children- David and Nisha. Nisha, due to an accident that happened when she was a baby, lost the ability to hear…. and even with this inability to hear our words, I could see a light shining in her eyes. I could see her flipping through the pages of the Book of Mormon and feeling the power that it possesses. It was one of those lessons where you remember why you are a missionary. It was one of those moments where you truly feel the Love that our Heavenly Father has for his children!
This week was filled with tender mercies such as these. Listening to a father give a prayer kneeling with his family and ending with tears because he was overcome with the Spirit. Contacting an old investigator and finishing the contact testifying that she will see her sisters and her parents(who passed away recently) again. Being able to share my testimony that I know I will see my Father again- I know that my family will be forever. Testifying of the ressurrection to a woman whose sister is dying from cancer and is suffering seeing the pain her sister is experiencing. Each person we found, taught, and served this week was a tender mercy and a sweet reminder to me that I am here for a reason… I am doing the Lord’s work!
I love you all!
Hna Hansen

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