Week 67

windy day at quinoa!

windy day at quinoa!

I love my Companion!!

I love my Companion!!



Hola Familia!
Wow cannot believe another week has passed by! Here is the rundown of the week!

President Comes!- This week our President and his wife came to Ayacucho!!! We had a Zone conference, interviews, and then Stake Conference! It was a fun filled and crazy weekend! One of the things that truly impacted me was when he talked about how in the scriptures the prophets “Shout Praises.” He then asked us if we, as servants of the Lord, “Shout Praises” when we teach and talk. It really made me reflect on how amazing this gospel truly is! How could we not “Shout Praises” as we testify that families can be together forever, that we can be cleansed from sin, that we are never alone! Every part of the gospel is something we should rejoice in! It also made me realize how happy I am that I have this opportunity to share this wonderful gospel and “Shout Praises” everyday!

The Miracle of the Book of Mormon!- Okay so this week my companion and I saw a miracle! We have been teaching Yolanda for the past 2 weeks! She is wonderful but she never really seemed to fully comprehend the importance of the gospel and it was very difficult for her to understand the scriptures. But this week everything changed… as we begun our lesson with her she told us that she had read the Book of Mormon, she explained the entire chapter to us perfectly! She told us that her comprehension was improving and that she felt such peace as she read the Book of Mormon. She even prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and received answers that it was in fact the word of God. As she explained to us many mini-miracles that she had recognized in her work and home, she testified to us that God was mindful of her and that this was his path. Sunday morning when we went to pass by her house to go to conference she was all ready and we even got to church early! (that never happens in Peru!) It was so cute to see her excitement in listening to the talks and singing the hymns…. she truly had transformed in her attitude about everything! This helped me to remember the power that the Book of Mormon has. It truly has the power to change people, to lift spirits, and help us recognize the mini-miracles that happen each day!

I love this work and I feel so blessed to be here as a missionary at this time in my life! I love this work so much and testify that the Lord knows us all personally and knows what we need, when we need it!

Love you all!!
Hna. Hansen


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