Week 66

I Love the Temple!!!

I Love the Temple!!!

my new companion!Hermana Ybañez from Argentina!!!

my new companion!Hermana Ybañez from Argentina!!!

outside our house!! Love Ayacucho!

outside our house!! Love Ayacucho!

Hola Familia!!!!

Wow! This week flew by! Here is a little rundown of my week….

My New Companion!!- My new companion is Hermana Ybañez!! She is from Mendoza, Argentina and is seriously amazing! She is so prepared and so in tune with the spirit! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be her trainer because I honestly feel as if she is training me!!! It’s also so fun because she loves English and so we’ve been really working on our language skills together!

Temple!- Okay I have been so spoiled! Because I was in Lima and we had to wait for our bus again, we got to go to the temple!!! As I was sitting in the temple it hit me that so much time has passed since I first entered this beautiful temple in Lima. Since that first time I have had so many amazing experiences within those walls and each time I come to understand more and more how close our Heavenly Father really is to each of us!

The Restoration- Wow! This week we had an amazing lesson with Isabel, Efrain,Piero, and Fattima, a family that we contacted about a week ago. As we began to teach the message of the restoration… the father, Efrain began to share with us his doubts, questions, and concerns. Noting the confusion in his face, we began to teach the restoration…. applying every part to his needs and his concerns. As we reached the story of the First Vision…. I recited it from memory and a spirit so strong filled the room. The peace we felt seemed to melt away the doubt and confusion. As we explained that Joseph Smith received an answer to his humble prayer…. Efrain asked us…. How can I know that this is true? How can I have this knowledge that you both have? As we invited him and his family to “ask of God” and read the Book of Mormon, their desire to recieve their own answers from God was so apparent. Efrain even mentioned…”wow, I guess I need to read this book then…” His simple realization of the need to read and ask for himself was a result of the Holy Ghost. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how the Spirit can enter the hearts of the children of men and help them feel not only the love of God, but also how He can help us recognize what we need to do to receive answers from God.

I feel so blessed to be here in this area with this companion at this time! Even though this week proved difficult with limited time, and few lessons…. I truly recognized that the Lord utilizes us all in different ways. Sometimes we are planting seeds, sometimes we see the fruits of our labors immediately, and other times we just doing all we can to serve him and his children.

I love this work and I love each day I have as a servant of the Lord!
Love you all!


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