Week 65



sweeping a dirt floor for service!!!

sweeping a dirt floor for service!!!

Cannot believe that Hna Guelet is finishing her mission today!!!!

Cannot believe that Hna Guelet is finishing her mission today!!!!

N amiko is going on a mission!!!!

N amiko is going on a mission!!!!

My Zone!!!

My Zone!!!

Hola Familia!!!

Wow!!! this week was crazy! So many amazing things happened this week- here’s a rundown!

Cambios!- This week was cambios!! We received the call saturday morning that Hermana Turley would be changing to lima and I would be staying in Ayacucho to train!!!! I Can’t believe that I will be training again- and staying in Ayacucho!! Even crazier is that when we arrived to the office today President called us and told us he needed to talk to us right away. As we waited in his office- Hermana Araujo my “daughter” who I trained in Cañete about 6 months ago- who had gone home for bad health- entered the room!!! She started bawling and then got reassigned to be hermana Turley’s companion!!! It was so great to see her again and I am so happy that she back in the mission after 6 months of treatments!!!!!

Mini-Miracles- Today was a week of mini-miracles. One such miracle was on Friday! After all of our appointments had fallen through, my companion decided we should walk to the end of the world to visit a less active who had never-ever been home in the 6 months that hermana Turley has been in Mariscal. After finally arriving and knocking, we were let in and got to meet Yolanda! She was finishing up cleaning the house and looks stressed and worn-down. As we began to teach, the spirit became so strong. We talked about the Love Heavenly Father has for each of his Children, and how we are never alone. As we taught, Yolanda began to cry… she told us that it was her birthday- And all day she had been praying to feel the Lords love, and not feel so alone on her special day…. I almost started to cry as I was reminded that we truly are servants in the Lord’s Hands. That when we visit others, we are doing the Lord’s work.

Namiko!- It was also so amazing this week because I got to see Namiko Reyes, who was my rescue from Bolognesi! She has just opened her mission call to go to paraguay and she will be leaving on Oct.8! It was such a blessing that I got to go to church in Bolognesi this sunday so I could say goodbye and give her one last hug before she begins on her own amazing mission experience! I just know she will touch the lives of many, and I cannot wait to hear about the miracles she will see everyday as a servant of the Lord!

Temple!- This week was also Concilio so I got to go to the Temple!!! One of my favorite moments was when I was able to sit in the sealing room for a little bit. Looking into the infinity mirrors, I was touched by the reality that Families are Forever! I was overwhelmed with joy that now my sister has begun her own eternal family! And even though I wasn’t physically there at her wedding, being able to enter into the sealing room a few days later, halfway around the world was an amazing blessing for me!

I know this work is important and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to serve here at this time!!!

Love you all!
Hna. Hansen

AHHHH I love all the photos!!!! I am writing from the office so I am showing everyone the photos and they are all impressed with how beautiful candice is and how amazing all the wedding photos are!!! seriously they are all gorgeous!!!!!! keep sending photos!!! I love seeing them all!!!! seriously!!! cannot believe time has flown by!!! I am waiting in lima now to get my new companion!! I will be training!!!! ahhhh again!!! sounds like everything went well with the wedding… … I am not trunky! just cannot believe that I only have 3 months left. it is surreal.

love you so much!!!



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