Week 63

This is Hermana Turley my new companion. 2 weeks ago in Quinua together.

This is Hermana Turley my new companion. 2 weeks ago in Quinua together.

My new companion Hermana Turley! This is us in Chorrillos together last December. Who knew we would be companions now!

My new companion Hermana Turley!
This is us in Chorrillos together last December. Who knew we would be companions now!

this is from a few  weeks ago... but just so you can see my new comp!!! Hermana Turley!!!!

this is from a few weeks ago… but just so you can see my new comp!!! Hermana Turley!!!!

Guillermina's baptism!!!!!

Guillermina’s baptism!!!!!

Guillermina's baptism!!!!!

Guillermina’s baptism!!!!!

Hola Familia!!!
Wow! This week was crazy!!! Lots of Changes, Miracles, and Walking.

Cambios… before Cambios….- This week I got a call telling me that I would be having an Emergency cambio to Barrio Mariscal Caceres!!! The Mariscal Caceres ward is the area right next to mine, so luckily I still get to stay in Ayacucho!!! It was crazy packing up my things and moving to my new area… while still being so close to my old area!!!! My new companion is Hermana Turley… who was our companion for three weeks while she waiting for her new companion to arrive… all and all it’s just a crazy transfer!!! My new area is SO HUGE. It’s way bigger than any other area I have been in and so I’m getting used to walking a ton! But I love being with Hermana Turley and we can feel that our time together is going to bring miracles in Mariscal!!!

Guillermina!!– This week Guillermina was baptized!! Even though I wasn’t officially in the Garcilazo Ward, I was able to attend and be with her for that special day!! One of my favorite parts of the program was hearing her testimony after her baptism- After years of waiting for her father’s permission, he finally agreed to let her be baptized! It was amazing to see and hear her faith and complete confidence in the Lord and His plan for her, even when her father didn’t feel the same way. After lots of lessons, family challenges, and overcoming fear… she was finally able to make this important step in her life! The amazing thing is, baptism is only the beginning, I cannot wait until Guillermina can someday go to the temple, maybe even serve a mission, and one day have her own eternal family!
It truly was a beautiful event to see someone I love so much take the first step in finding lasting and eternal happiness.

Miracles!!- So like I said in Mariscal we walk a lot….. this week had been a real struggle to even have lessons. We had been doing all we could to find new investigators and have lessons, but things weren’t coming easy! It was Sunday night and we had only had one lesson and had been walking all day…. At the end of the night the name of a referral, Betsy, came to my mind. Without any set appointment we went right away! When we arrived at the house she told us that she was busy and we should come back a different day…. as we walked away from the house we suddenly heard shouting… she was yelling to us to come back! Her husband had wanted to listen to us. My companion and I were shocked. That never happens. She let us in and we began to teach Betsy with her husband Wilmer! As we began talking about eternal families and they blessings that they desire for their family, the spirit became so strong. They both have strong desires to build a relationship with God and to help their family grow stronger in the gospel of Jesus Christ! This lesson was such a miracle to me! After a week filled with walking, and few lessons… the Lord gave us the blessing of finding an amazing family!! I know that the Lord is always preparing people to receive the gospel in their lives! I feel so blessed to be an instrument in his hands to help all come unto Him!!!

Love you all!!!
Hermana Hansen

WOW!! cannot believe the wedding is around the corner!!! seriously so crazy!! I sent a letter with an hermana that had a bunch of tips for candice before she went to the temple… but I don’t know if she sent it yet!!! I’ll write her a little bit today because there is so much I wish I would’ve know before I entered the temple! Looks like everyone is having a fun summer! the grandkids are so cute!!!!! and I totally can see that you are the best grandma ever!!!!!! seriously the best!!!! hahahh that dinner looks so good!!! is that the backyard of christian and steph???? Don’t forget to send a bunch of photos!!!! I want to see everything!!! It’s crazy because I have totally found peace in the fact that I will not be there… I know I am supposed to be here at this time and I know that them getting married in the temple is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!!!!!

Love you sooooo much!!!!


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