Week 62



My Companions!!

My Companions!!

Hanging out with the Cuy!!

Hanging out with the Cuy!!

Hola Familia!!!!

Wow! This week has been crazy! Here is a rundown of the week!

Miracles! – This week we were struggling a bit to find new investigators. Starting out the afternoon with 3 canceled appointments, I was starting to feel a bit discouraged…. As we left the 3 house that rejected us… I said a short little prayer. Expressing my worries to the Lord…. ” Please help me to know what to do to find new investigators” about 2 minutes later I recieved a phone call…. it was Jesus, a reference we had received from a member but never had been able to teach them…. as I began to talk with Jesus he told me that he and his mom were home and wanted us to come visit them right away. Wow. After trying to find their house for 20 min… we finally found it and were able to teach Jesus and his mom Julia! Even more amazingly Julia came to church this Sunday and expressed to us the peace and happiness she felt in the Church Meetings! I know that the Lord listens to our prayers…. I know that he knows what we need before we do, and that He is always preparing people for us to teach!!!

Random Findings- This Sunday we received a reference of a 13 year old girl who wasn’t a member but had received a blessing as a Child. Not knowing anything about her, we just took her information and went out to find her! After all our appointments had fallen through, the thought came to my mind. Go visit Dafne. After finding her house we rang their loudspeaker….. the voice that answered was a man’s voice and his response was not too welcoming…. he asked us who had given him this address and did not sound too happy to be talking to us…. He sternly told us that he would come down to talk to us in person to see what our motives really were…… To be honest my companions and I were pretty scared to talk to him…. but we decided to stay and talk. As we began to talk to Dafne’s father Hugo he began to soften his heart. A little grudgingly he decided to let us in to share something small. His wife, Elizabeth also joined us and we were able to share a short message about Jesus Christ and how their family can one day be eternal! We soon found out that both Hugo and Elizabeth were members who had gone inactive before their daughter Dafne was to the age of baptism! This lesson was amazing! The spririt was so strong and I could truly see each one of them dressed in white entering the temple one day! It was such a testimony to me that the Lord is directing his work! Everytime we recieve a name of someone to visit, it is the Lord directing us to the people who need the divine help and hope of Jesus Christ!

I love this work and know that I truly was called to be here in Peru at this time!!! I feel so blessed to be with my two amazing companions and I learn so much from them each day!!! I know that this gospel is true!!!

Love you all!!!
Hermana Hansen


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