Week 61

Finally got my invite!!!!

Finally got my invite!!!!

mc hammer pants are big here.... hahah

mc hammer pants are big here…. hahah



Hola Familia!!!

This week was wonderful!! I am still loving Ayacucho and loving my companions they are amazing!!! Here is a rundown of the week…..

Concilio!- This week was the week of Concilio!!! …. so also the week of traveling! The 10 hour drive wasn’t actually that bad! This leadership council was awesome! It really focused on how we can teach, and learn in the Lord’s way! It was wonderful to listen to President and at the same time have discussions with missionaries from all over our mission!!! It’s amazing how when you let him, the Holy Ghost can direct a meeting!

Miracles!- This week we were visiting a Rescue named Yanina! As we began our lesson on the Plan of Salvation, she told us that the father of her daughter would be arriving soon so we would have to give a short lesson!! We had seen her ex-husband many times before and he had never wanted to listen, and never really even wanted to talk with us! About 3 min after he called there was a knock at the door, and Jose Luis, her ex-husband arrived! To our surprise he decided to enter and to listen! We had such a wonderful lesson about the plan that God has for us and at the finish Jose promised to read The Book of Mormon and come to church this next Sunday! The even bigger miracle was when he offered the closing prayer and asked the Lord for help to recieve answers from God and change his life!! WOW! My companions and I were so taken aback by his desires to truly follow Jesus Christ! Wow! It was truly a tender mercy and we cannot wait for the following lesson!

The First Vision!- Okay this week my companions and I were asked to give a little workshop on the First Vision in our Zone Training! WOW! It was so amazing to focus on the First Vision and really think about why it was so important that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that Spring day in 1820. Before my mission I don’t think I really understood the importance of this incredible event… but now this amazing event has so much more importance and significance in my life. The first vision was the beginning of the restoration of the Gospel, the beginning of having the authority of god or preistood power in the earth, it was how we eventually would recieve the Book of Mormon, and it is how we gained knowledge of the divinity of God and the Love he has for each of us. As we were preparing our workshop, I began to reflect on the Question – What would my life be without the First Vision?

Everytime I say the words of Joseph Smith describing his experience in seeing God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, I am reminded that this is Why I’m a missionary. This is How my family can be together forever…. this is why I will see my father again. This is Why the gospel of Jesus Christ brings Joy and happiness in my life!!! I know that God loves each of us and that he still answers prayers, and still gives us guidence each day! All we have to do is ask, and he will give us the answers that we need.

Love you all!
Hermana Hansen


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