Week 60

my companions!!! hermana Trejo and Hermana Esser!

my companions!!! hermana Trejo and Hermana Esser!



Hola Familia!!
This week was crazy!! Here is a rundown of how my week went!

Bus Crash- So this week as we were on our way to one of our lessons, the craziest thing happened! We were riding the bus as always…. when our bus crashed! It was a pretty powerful collision because almost everyone in the bus was thrown to the floor…. including me and my companion! What was even more crazy was after the crash the car resposible began to speed away, so the bus began to chase after it! It was so insane! I felt like I was in a movie or something! Finally, after riding in this bus gone rogue for 5 LONG minutes, we were able to get off the bus and WALK the rest of the way to our appointment! My companion and I were so blessed that we only had a few bruises and scrapes and nothing serious!!!

We’re 3! – This week we recieved our new companion!!! Hermana Esser!!! She is from Arizona and is amazing!! Being together with her and Hermana Trejo is such a blessing and so much fun! I am learning so much from each of them and I’m loving every moment of it!

The Book of Mormon!- This week I was struck even more-so of the power of The Book Of Momon! In one of our lessons this week we were teaching a young family, Angeli and Walker, for the first time! As we began the lesson it became clear that Walker had many doubts and many questions about God, Jesus Christ and Religion in general. After listening to his doubts and questions, we turned to the Book of Mormon. It was funny because I told him that all the answers were in this incredible book…. he kind of looked at me with a skeptical look on his face…. but as we began to read different verses of scripture… his face completely changed…. he told us “wow…. this book does have answers”. It was such an amazing moment for me to see how the Spirit and the Book of Mormon truly work together to help us find the answers to the questions of our souls. I love the ability I have as a missionary to share this amazing book everyday! It is so amazing to see how the Lord speaks through his scriptures!This was one of my miracles this week, seeing how the Book of Mormon and Inspired questions can open the hearts of everyone!

I love this work and feel so blessed to be here in Ayacucho at this time! I know this gospel is true!

Love you all!


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