Week 56

Me with President and Sister Douglas and their son.

Me with President and Sister Douglas and their son.

The Missionaries in the Lima South Mission.

The Missionaries in the Lima South Mission.

Red, White and Blue! Happy 4th

Red, White and Blue!
Happy 4th


Quinoa, so beautiful

Quinoa, so beautiful

Pina Colada with my companion!! She is the best!!

Pina Colada with my companion!! She is the best!!

This week!!! Wow this week was crazy! Here is a quick update!

Problems with Water- Wow! This week there was SO MUCH RAIN! The streets became rivers and my companion and I were drenched from head to foot! It just so happened that the day with the most rain was one of those days were you spend all day walking because all of our appointments fell through! When we got home…. gross and cold from all the rain we discovered that there was no water!!!! To make matters worse, when we woke up the following morning… still no water and we had a zone conference to meet our new president! We had to run to the apartment of the other hermanas and barely made it in time! It was crazy! Here in Ayacucho the water and electricity are a little iffy and so not having water is more or less normal! haha

Fun Foods- My companion is the best! She makes an amazing piña colada and is always frying up bananas and tons of delish things for me! However, she absolutely loves everything that you can eat inside of a chicken or cow… so in these last 3 weeks with her I have eaten Chicken bladder, Cow lung, and some other interesting things…. hahah here in Peru they eat EVERYTHING.

President!!- Well, it finally happened! President Douglas finished his mission and President McGinn arrived!President McGinn is from Canada and is wonderful! I have to admit, it was hard saying goodbye to such an incredible President, But I am excited for the new things I will learn from President and Hermana McGinn!

Tender Mercies! – This week was a bit rough for my companion and I! We were having a hard time finding people to teach and our investigators weren’t progressing like they had been in the past! But as they always say, the miracles come after the trial of our faith! As we were finishing up the week Sunday night, our last appointment fell through. With only 30 min left before our curfew, it came to my mind to look at a list of less actives that lived in the same neigborhood. As I looked at the list, I saw the name of a family and decided we should contact them… after knocking 2 wrong doors, we finally found the house! They invited us in and expressed to us how blessed they felt to have us in their home! We ended up finding out that they have children that have not been baptized,and have never been to church. They expressed to us their desire to have their family together forever! My companion and I left blessed to have found them and to have shared such a special moment with this family!

I love this work and I testify that the Lord is mindful of each of us! We are His children, and he Loves us!

love you all so much!
Hermana Hansen


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