Week 55

The Center of Ayacucho

The Center of Ayacucho

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Baptism Day!

Baptism Day!

Our new convert!

Our new convert!

Inerzon's Baptism!

Inerzon’s Baptism!

Hola Familia!! This week was wonderful!!! Here’s a rundown of this week!

Inerzon’s Baptism!!- This week we finally had the Baptism of Inerzon! Wow! It’s incredible to see the change that has taken place in the life of Inerzon! When we first started teaching him, he only really wanted to find out more about the church… he didn’t really have the intention to act. He later told us that he used to go around telling people that God didn’t exist, that this life was it, and that religion was insignificant… Wow how different are his beliefs now… Now Inerzon knows that there is a God, He knows that Christ Suffered for him, and he truly believes that one day he will be able to live with his family and our Heavenly father for eternity! He truly has the goal to enter into the temple and has completely changed the way he thinks about religion and God. It’s so amazing to see how the Spirit truly changes the hearts of those who decide to let Christ into their lives….
The Baptism was wonderful! It was small, because Inerzon doesn’t like “big crowds” but the spirit was strong, and when we asked him how he felt after his baptism… he said their weren’t words to describe the peace or “newness” that he felt! WOW! It was such a great moment to see the true change that happened in his life!!!

Felicita!! – About a month ago we started teaching a family, Felicita and Vidal. They are amazing and have such desires to follow Christ! As they are not married, we began teaching about the importance of families and the need for marriage in our world today! As we extended the invitation to be married and later be baptized, Felicita began to cry and hug us telling us how grateful she was for us and the chance she had to finally be married! What was even more amazing is her pareja vidal, agreed also and told us how happy he was to finally have a family ordained of God. WOW. I will never forget the look of happiness and gratitude in the eyes of Felicita, she told us again and again, if it wasn’t for us… or the gospel of Jesus Christ they would never had made that decision in their lives. WOW. As we left the house we heart her daughter ask her what had happened… and when she told her they began to scream for joy!!!! Literally, scream. Walking away from the house… hearing the screams of Joy…. it was one of those moments of pure happiness!

I love this work and I feel so blessed to be here at this time…. I love this gospel and I know it is true!

Love you all!!!
Hermana Hansen



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