Week 54

Hola Familia!!!
This week was wonderful!! The days are flying by so fast it is crazy!!! Here is a rundown of how my week went!

Finding! – This week President set a goal for the whole mission… 10 new investigators by the end of the week! For my area this is a lot. It the weeks before we had been finding 5 or 7 at the most… but with my new companion we set a goal. We would not go home until we had found a new investigator! With many prayers, and lots of hard work we finished the week with 11 new investigators!!! We surpassed the goal!!! Wow! It was one of those moments where I realized how willing the Lord is to help you when 1. You ask… repeatedly and 2. you work as hard as you can… you do your part! There is a wonderful quote I love… ” Work as if everything depended on you, Pray as if everything depended on God” (That might not be exact…. but almost … ) I love that… when we really put all our heart and soul into it, the Lord will make up what we lack, and we will reach goals we never thought possible!

The Dedication!- This week was the dedication of the Trujillo Temple!!! Wow! It was so amazing! The night before they had a cultural event where all the youth from northern Peru danced and showcased the amazing culture that is Peru! This night was especially memorable for me because we went to watch the cultural night with one of our invesigators, Maria and 3 of her kids! Moises (9 months), Flor (14) and Pierro (9). As Elder Uchdorf started with the opening remarks Pierro, who is severely handicapped- began to make shout and clap his hands….. My companion then turned to me …. ” Look, an Angel is listening to an apostle! No Wonder he is so happy!” It was truly an amazing event! Sitting next to Pierro in his little wheelchair, and watching his happiness in just listening to the voice of an apostle! The dances were all amazing and it was so amazing to witness the happiness and joy that comes from Temples!!!

The next day was just as wonderful! We got to witness the dedication of the Trujillo dedication through satillite…. Listening to messages from President Uchdorf and Elder Bednar was amazing! They all discussed the importance of temples in the creation and the strengthening of families! The spirit was so strong and I was just overwhelmed with the joy that comes from Temples!What blessing it is to have another Temple- House of the Lord in Peru!!!

I love this work. I love this gospel! I love Peru, and all of the wonderful people I get to meet each day!!!

Love you all so much!
Hermana Hansen

Ayacucho!! with my companion!!

Ayacucho!! with my companion!!

Made soup for my companion!!

Made soup for my companion!!


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