Week 48

Hola Familia!!

Wow! This week just flew by!!! I love Ayacucho and I love my companion!!! Here is a rundown of the week!
Ayacucho!- Wow! Ayacucho is SO Beautiful!! It is up in the mountains and the weather is perfect! It is beautiful and sunny during the day and a little more chilly in the night! The members in this ward are so sweet and they are really willing to help out and serve the missionaries!!! Here in Ayacucho they don’t just speak Spanish, they also speak Quechua …. which is an ancient dialect which basically sounds like chinese or something! I have learned a few phrases but one of the older members of the ward and came up to me and started talking to me in Quechua and I had no idea what do say!!!! hahah
Mother’s day!! – Mother’s day in Peru is a huge deal!! The days leading up to sunday all the schools have dance performances and Sunday everyone has big family dinners!! It was also really cute in Church the men in the ward baked cakes for all the members and mothers! It was so cute!!! We also went to the Ward Mission Leaders house to call our families and then after we got to eat cake and wish Sonia… who is like our mom in the mission a happy mother’s day!!
New Investigators- This week my companion and I have been finding new people, putting new baptism dates, and seeing small miracles happen!!! Right now all of our investigators are young single adults and it is so fun to teach and also imagine how different their future families are going to be through the blessings of the gospel! They are all so prepared to be baptized and it really just feels like a blessing to be here at this time…. In my area of Garcilazo, they haven’t had a baptism since October of Last year!! So the fact that we are finding new people and seeing them progress is amazing!!! We are so confident that this cambio we are going to see so many miracles and see the future generation of Garcilazo grow!!!
Companions… AGAIN!- I also love being with my old companion again! It’s amazing to see how much we have both grown in the last 3 months, and see how well we work together! We have so much fun together, but we are also seeing great changes happen in Garcilazo and it has only been a week!!! I cannot wait to see what this cambio will bring!
I love Ayacucho, My companion, and this work! I know with all my heart that this gospel is true!!!
love you all!
Hermana Hansen
This was from an earlier email
Thanks for all the photos!!! you look sooooo great!! all the hermanas with me are telling me how skinny you look!!!!!! seriously … you look great!!! I love all the family photos!!! It was so great to talk to everyone and made me realize how much I love you all!!! Seriously… loved it!!! I cannot believe I will be home in 6 months it is crazy!!!!!

glad everything is going well!!! can’t wait for my asos dress and the black and white capsleeve .. shadeshirts that you are going to send!!! Seriously! I’m so excited!!!
let me know if there is anything peruvian that you really want…. here is the place to get all the  peruvian stuff!!!
love you sososososo much and I feel so blessed to have you as my mother seriously!!! I love you!
 Beautiful Ayacucho!!!

Beautiful Ayacucho!!!

The huge rain storm.... and beautiful Ayacucho!!!

The huge rain storm…. and beautiful Ayacucho!!!

Giant rain storm!!

Giant rain storm!!

Image 2

beautiful Ayacucho!!!

beautiful Ayacucho!!!

Image 5

Our ward mission leader has fat booth... hahah

Our ward mission leader has fat booth… hahah

Trying to find service after the storm...

Trying to find service after the storm…

celebrating mothers day!!!

celebrating mothers day!!!

My New Companion!!

My New Companion!!

celebrating mothers day!!!

celebrating mothers day!!!


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