Week 45

Hola Familia!!! 

I cannot believe another week has gone by!!! This week was filled with some hilarious experiences….. here’s a quick update!
Locked Out- In Peru, you don’t have normal trash days… instead a truck will drive down the street with a huge siren and everyone just runs outside with their garbage! So this week as we were doing our weekly planning, the siren went off and so like usual we rushed down to take out our garbage, but as we left our garbage outside, the wind closed the door and we ended up being stranded outside- no key- in our awful pajama-skirt- outfits….. After about 40 minutes of knocking and trying to find someone to let us in we found our landlord & a key!!! Of course we had to go back and document how ridiculous we looked… so enjoy the photos!
Lessons in Peru- In Cañete there is a lot of farmland nearby and so it is not uncommon to have chickens, ducks and other wildlife running throughout the house during lessons. Even with all this distraction, it’s amazing how you we can still focus on the people and truly feel the spirit so strongly! This even happened last week when I was inviting our investigators to pray and ask if the book of Mormon was true…as I was extending the invitation I saw out of the corner of my eye one of her little kids, peeing on the dirt floor in the kitchen!!! It was so funny I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself, and then continue on with the lesson…. that’s the life in Peru!!!
Changes! – I know I have said it before, but it is so amazing to see how the gospel changes lives!! We’ve now been teaching Alejandra for 3 months and it is amazing to see how she is just so much more happy! Seriously, when we first came to know her, she didn’t smile much and talked about how she always had a fear to talk to people or interact.And now, she is always smiling, and wanting to share her expeiences and life stories!!! We began to notice this even more as we taught a lesson on the importance of missionary work and service, it was amazing to see how touched she was by the scripture in D&C 18- 16 where it talks about how great the worth of souls is in the sight of God… after talking about how much joy she feels herself in the gospel, she mentioned that she wanted her friends and her family to feel this same joy she has experienced in her life. Not only did she talk about what she wanted to share, she acted!! Yesterday, Alejandra brought one of her friends to church with her, so he could feel this same joy she know has in her life!  It’s truly amazing to see how the gospel brings so much light and happiness into our lives!!! It’s no wonder that when we share the gosepl, we feel such joy!!
love you all so much!!!
Your outfit when you get locked out.

Your outfit when you get locked out.

when we got locked out of our house... just so you could know how ridiculous I looked...

when we got locked out of our house… just so you could know how ridiculous I looked…

Pizza on P-Day!!

Pizza on P-Day!!


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