Week 44

Hola Familia!!

Wow the weeks always pass by so fast! Here is the update….
Bad Luck …- Those of you that have been reading my letters from the begining probably remember when I had an awful experience with a dog peeing on my foot. Well if I thought that was bad, this past week as I was waiting to cross the street I felt a sprinkling on my foot….. as I looked to my side I noticed a little kid PEEING ON MY FOOT!!!!! Seriously. I couldn’t believe it, first a dog and then a human. my companion and I were just dying laughing because it was so funny, disgusting, and well, hilarious.
Cooking in Peru! – This week I tried to be super creative and instead of just making my normal salad-sandwich lunch, I tried to be creative and make a padthai recipe…. as you can imagine It was a bit crazy. With our tiny electric stove and the realization that I had to disinfect everything first…. it was pretty interesting….. but ended up being delicious!
Miracles with Brinda!- We’ve been teaching Brinda since January and she has been progressing so well! The only problem was that Brinda is 14 and her mom wasn’t being supportive in her decision to join the church…. We had tried countless times to talk with her mom, but she just kept saying that Brinda wasn’ t ready.
But this past week we witnessed a miracle! As we were teaching Brinda and her mom, we decided to focus our entire lesson on Baptism and Jesus Christ. As we finished watching a short video of the Baptism of Jesus Christ, Luz, Brinda’s Mom had tears in her eyes. She finally understood the importance of Baptism, and even more importantly she could finally see that her daughter was ready. We talked about how Brinda was coming to church every week, Reading her Scriptures every day, and how she had a different light about her! Finally her mom’s eyes were opened and she saw what we saw… she saw that her daughter truly was prepared!!! Before we could even ask what day she wanted to be baptized her mom asked Brinda “When do you want to get baptized?…” Brinda was so shocked that after the lesson she asked us… “Did that really just happen? Did my mom say that I could get baptized?” It is amazing what the Spirit can do! That lesson was so wonderful, because the spirit was there and was helping Brinda’s mom to feel the joy and peace that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Kids in Church- One thing just totally hit me this Sunday. As I was looking around I noticed that there were more kids than usual in our Ward. And I began to think about how Children just have such a desire to learn and live the gospel. We’ve begun to teach a lot of young families and it always gets to me when the mom or dad doesn’t have time to read or pray, but their children have been praying everyday and have already read the chapter we left… Maybe that is why the Lord always tells us to come unto him as little Children. Because they listen to the Spirit and they desire to feel the peace that comes through Jesus Christ!
I love this work and I love this gospel!!! I feel so blessed to be her in Peru at this time!!!
Love you all!!
Hermana Hansen
Another Sister Missionary in my Zone!!

Another Sister Missionary in my Zone!!

my attempt at cooking ... this is what cooking looks like as a missionary in peru....  PadThai

my attempt at cooking … this is what cooking looks like as a missionary in peru….



Image 2

Multi Zona!!


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