Week 42

Hola Familia!!!!!

Wow! The weeks just fly by!! …. even with this unbearable heat in Peru…. Apparently they don’t have fall…. just two summers….. Here’s a rundown of the week….
Californians- My new companion is the Best! It’s been a week filled with Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, french toast, and carmeled apples!! Seriously, it’s so fun having someone who understands what american comfort food is!!! It’s also so fun because we can just talk in ENGLISH. haha
Alejandra- Our investigator Alejandra is amazing!! She is progressing so well and we had such a wonderful lesson with her this last week! When we asked her how she was feeling during her prayers and scripture study, she shared with us that she feels a peace and calmness entering her life. She opened up to us and shared how alone she had felt these last few years. But how now she feels like she has a family through this Church and this Gospel! She feels that Jesus Christ is part of her life and that the members of the Church Care about her and Love her!! It’s so awesome how the gospel gives us so much strength and support to those that need it the most!
The Chris Hansen Iniciative- These last few weeks President Douglas (and even Elder Waddell) have talked a lot about the need to open your mouth and share the gospel! As missionaries we should be talking to each person we come in contact with, share a pass along card, or something so that they can know why we are here! (this especially applies for me as I am a white girl in Cañete) It’s so great because everytime I hear this council… I think about my dad! There was no one else better at striking up a random conversation than Chris Hansen. He didn’t have fears, doubts, and was never embarassed to share his beliefs. So this week I put a little personal goal… to be even more like my dad and talk with every single person I could! And wow, it was such a great week. We made so many contacts on the street, in combis (little bus things) and in resturants! Even though we didn’t have the chance to teach many of them,.or they didn’t live in our area, it was amazing how much closer to my father I felt, just by magnifying his example….Every time we share a smile or a conversation, we’re happier…and just imagine how much happier we are when that conversation is about the gospel of Jesus Christ…. Maybe that’s why my dad was always so happy… he was always talking!
I love being a missionary because I feel this happiness every single day. Each time I share my testimony it makes me realize how grateful I am to be here and how grateful I am that I know this gospel is true!!!
Love all of you!!!
Have a great week and try the “Chris Hansen iniciative” It will make you so much more happier… I promise!
Hermana Hansen
Never thought I would be stoked about Burger King…but when you live in Peru

Never thought I would be stoked about Burger King…but when you live in Peru

Me and my California Companion

Me and my California Companion

We made a Chocolate Cake in the Microwave!!!

We made a Chocolate Cake in the Microwave!!!

How I look when I'm planning!

How I look when I’m planning!


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