Week 40

An excerpt from my letter from Hannah
Wow!!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED FOR CANDICE WOW!!! I just started crying idk why!!!! hahah but also the photos of the tree and all of you guys together was so sweet!!! sounds like this last week was great!!! wow!! I can’t believe candice is engaged… .funny thing though I totally had a feeling that she was going to get engaged soon and look what happened!!! wow!!!! sounds like everyone is doing great!!!

This last week has been a little difficult… my companion will be going home after week…. she has endometriosis which is tiny cysts in her ovaries and she needs an surgery that the mission won’t offer…. because of this news… this last week I’ve just been playing role of comforter and mom… which by the way is so hard… so thank you for always hugging me when I cried…. hahha

love you

sosos much!


and miss you a ton too…..


ps if they want to wait until dec 3 that could be cool too…….

Hola Familia!!!

This week has been a total rollercoaster!! Here’s a little bit about my week….

Getting to the Temple! – This past week we had such an amazing experience with one of or Rescates! We had invited Hna. Maria to come to the temple multiple times before, but she had always said no, or said she couldn’t because she was taking care of her granddaughter. But this past week my companion and I had to go to Lima for a doctors appointment and as we were walking past the house of Hermana Maria, my companion turned to me and told me…. Hna. Hansen, we have to invite Hna. Maria to come to the temple with us. At first I was doubtful, we didn’t have permission from president, she had turned us down 3 other times, and we would be leaving for the temple tomorrow morning and she didn’t have a reccommend. As I was focusing on all the details of the trip a voce came into my head saying …. just ask her. So we went, and asked, and wow, she said yes! It was amazing because she just called her daughter and told her that she would be going to Lima the next morning! After this we coordinated with of Branch President for an interview and miraculously he was available to do it in the next hour…. then we had the miracle of the pay phone. We were trying to call the temple to see if they would even have baptisms the next day…. we called every single number that we had- the only one that picked up was the cafeteria! After 30 min of dial tones we were so distraught- we had figured everything out and now the temple wouldn’t answer their phone! But as we were about to leave the pay phone, I suggested we say a prayer- we said a quick prayer together in front of that little pay phone and just asked that someone would pick up…. As you’ve probably guessed, the first number we dialed, they answered, and there were baptisms that we could go to the next day!!! As my comp hung up the phone I was just so filled with the spirit and was in awe of the power of prayer… I actually said out loud…. “wow, prayer really works!” haha Long story short, we got to go to the temple with Maria, She did 15 names from her own family, and she later told us that this was exactly what she had needed after weeks of trials in her own personal life. It was such a great learning experience for me also, because I realized that when we follow the promptings of the spirit, he will help us make the impossible, possible!

Opposition in all things- Even with our great trip to the temple with Maria this week was rough. My companion got diagnosed with endometriosis, and will need to go home at the end of this cambio. With this news, my companion has pretty upset and sad that she will have to leave after only having such a short time in the mission. It’s also been hard for me because I’ve had to be her support 24-7 an help her realize that God has plans for each of us. Sometimes we don’t understand the Why… but He does, and later on we will too! As I’ve been helping my companion through this hard time, I’ve also been reflecting on my own personal struggles in the mission. And I realized that I am so grateful for the Lord’s mindfulness of me. I can’t say that I am grateful that my father passed away, but I am grateful that I was here in the mission when it happened. The Lord knows what we need before we do, and I know that he put me here because he knew that the mission would be the best way for me to experience this hardship in my life. Everyday I feel the help and guidence of my father, and know that this is where I am supposed to be at this time in my life.

I love this work and I feel so blessed to be serving the people here in Cañete!
Love you all!
Hermana Hansen
At the Temple Maria

At the Temple Maria

Leading the Music in Church

Leading the Music in Church

My Campanion and Me.

My Campanion and Me.


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