Week 39

Hola Familia!!!

Ahhh I was so upset that my letter from last week didn’t get there…. sometimes the internet here can be a little spotty šŸ˜¦ but this past week went by just as fast as the rest! Here’s a little recap!
Members and Missionaries: Every Friday Hermana Amanda accompanies us from 4-9 without fail! Anyone who has served a mission knows this is incredible. One of the greatest supports members can give is when they accompany us for the lessons because then they get to know our investigators and help them feel loved by the members…. not just the missionaries. As most of our appointments had fallen through we decided to pass for one more appointment before Amanda would go home. We went to visit william, he is about 15 and his aunt is a member. Moments after we began the lesson his father arrived… now we had heard a lot about how his father was a little “rough around the edges” but after telling us he didn’t want to listen, he sat down and began to listen. haha . It’s crazy how the Spirit truly does open the hearts of those we teach. Because in 40 min Juan changed from not wanting anything to do with the Church, or religion in general, to wanting to read The Book of Mormon and find out if it was true! He began to feel the spirit, and feel a desire to change…. What was even more rewarding of this experience was that Hermana Amanda shared this story with Relief Society and talked about how amazing it was for her to witness such changes. As she shared her testimony and her thoughts about the lesson with Juan and William, it dawned on me how amazing it is to be a missionary. We don’t just get to see these changes and feel this spirit one day a week, but we have the gift of partaking in this great oppotunity every day!
Chosen Families! – Wow! When my companion and I find new families to teach it is amazing. Because not only do we see them as a family that can one day be baptized together, but that one day they can be sealed together for all time and eternity! Wow! This week we truly saw one of the new families we are teaching dressed in white!!! After a long day of walking and contacting… I had an impression to visit a woman that I had talked to a few weeks back but had not shown too much interest. As we followed my impression, we ended up finding Maria with her husband uber and Ā there daughter all together, practically waiting for us to come and teach them! The lesson we had was incredible. Uber was so dedicated to finding out if the message we had shared was true!! I just cannot wait to teach maria and uber about Eternal families!!!
I love this work and I love these people!!! Thank you for all your prayers and love!!! I feel them everyday!!! I love this gospel and testify that it is True!!!
love you all!!
Hna. Hansen
My two needs... carrots and the book of mormon....

My two needs… carrots and the book of mormon….


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