Week 37

Hola Familia!!!

Wow this week went by so fast!! … It’s scary how time flies!! Here’s a rundown of my week!
Prepared People! – One of my favorite things in the mission is when you find someone that is just waiting to hear the restored gospel! This past week we contacted Hermana Alejandra. Her dad is a member and even though he is 98 years old he travels more than 40 min to come to church every Sunday! As we began our lesson with her, we found out that she had met with missionaries before and had heard a lot about the church but had never felt the desire to join the Church. As we continued our conversation she told us that she feels that in this moment in her live she needs more, she needs the gospel, and she’s ready to commit to changing her life… In this moment my companion and I were just overwhelmed with the Spirit and the knowledge that the Lord truly prepares people to recieve the message that we share!! Even greater than her words were her actions… this Sunday as we were running from house to house to invite everyone to come to Church we saw hermana Alejandra in her church close closing up her store so that she could come to Church. Naturally we stopped to talk and ended up going to church together! It was the best feeling ever riding in the moto-taxi with her as she made the first step in following Christ.
 Answers to Prayers: Another amazing moment happened with Brinda!! Brinda is 14 years old and we’ve been teaching her for about 3-4 weeks! As we were finishing our lesson we asked her if she had recieved an answer to her prayers about whether or not the Book of Mormon was true…. She paused for a moment and then said… I prayed about it, and I recieved an answer, a beautiful conformation that the Book of Mormon is true!…now I know.. I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon is true!! Wow! When she told us this my companion and I were just beaming!! It wasn’t us that had converted her, it never is the missionaries…. but it was the Holy Ghost… the True teacher. It is amazing when our investigators recieve their own answers and their own testimony …. that in itself- the answers and feelings of the spirit- are a confirmation that the work that we do is true and valuable. That God loves us and answers our prayers!!!
I love this work and I feel so blessed to be serving here in Peru…. even though it is about a million degrees right now!!! haha The people here are amazing and I just love all the members in Cañete! The branch is small, but the members here are dedicated and they love the Lord and are prepared to do all they can to serve him!
Love you all so much!!!
Hermana Hansen


My House!!

My House!!


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