Week 36

Hola Familia!!!

Here are some of the highlights from this week!!!
San Juan and the Holy Ghost!! — As I was waiting for my companion to arrive from the ccm! I got the chance to work with the Hermanas in Lima, in San Juan! It was so much fun and so cool to go back to some of the areas I had done intercambios before! One of the funniest moments of the night was when my companion found a white little bird outside of one of the houses…. she was super worried that it was sick and didn’t have an  owner so she decided to take it with us as we finished up our lessons for the night…. obviously, because I do NOT LIKE BIRDS. I told her it probably wasn’t the best idea to put the bird in her backpack..- but she did said it would be fine and not to worry…… as we were finishing up our last lesson of the night about baptism and the holy ghost, the bird escaped from her backpack and started flying rapidly around the apartment…. I almost died… my companion was trying to catch it and the investigator was running around trying to close all the windows so it couldn’t escape…. we all had a good laugh afterwards as talked about how that was the best Holy Ghost object lesson we’d ever seen!
My new Companion!! – My new companion is Hermana Araujo! She is from Iquitos and she is so great!!! It’s crazy how each companion we have is truly done by inspiration! As we were learning a bit more about each other, she began to tell me about how her mom was gravely ill before the mission and she had a really hard time deciding to come on the mission. As I reflected on her experiences I began to understand more clearly why the Lord put us together… A few days later when I told her about my Dad and my experiences with coming back after his death my companion started bawling and told me that now she knew for certain the Lord was mindful of her and knew her needs as a new missionary!… Wow! How amazing is it that the Lord knows what we need before we do!!
the Advantages of Doctors Appointments…- This week I had to go to Lima because I had some problems with my toe, but after talking to my old companion, Hna. Ramirez. I discovered that my convert Hermana Rocio would be going to the Temple sometime this week! After careful planning I decided to ask President if he would give me the permission to go to the temple with Rocio…. after a moment of thinking he quitely told me… “Hermana Hansen, you know the rules, if you’re not in Lima you can’t go to the temple with your converts, but…. if you are going to be in Lima for your toe….. I guess you could pass by the temple….” Truly, it was such a blessing because the moment I saw Rocio I started to tear up and she started to tear up and it was just so amazing to see her ready to enter the temple!!! After talking for a bit she told me that this was truly an answer to her prayers and that seeing me and remembering the feelings that she had during all of our lessons was something that she needed in this moment in her Life!! Wow!!! The Lord knows us and knows what we need!!! And seeing Rocio at the temple ready to enter to do her family history was one of the greatest opportunities!!!
I love this work and I know that this church is true!!! That life is hard, but through this gospel, through the hope that we have through Christ, Everything is possible!!!
Love you all!
Hermana Hansen
Everyone at the Temple!!!

Everyone at the Temple!!!

Me and my "daughters"!! Hermana Ramirez and my new companion Hermana Araujo!

Me and my “daughters”!! Hermana Ramirez and my new companion Hermana Araujo!

Ahhhh The Temple!!!

Ahhhh The Temple!!!

Temple with Rocio and Namiko!!!

Temple with Rocio and Namiko!!!


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