Week 33

Hola Familia!! 

Here is a highlight of this past week!!!
It’s Summer!! Wow… okay summer is finally beginning and it is getting SO HOT! Because all the streets are dirt streets people are always wetting the ground so it isn’t so dusty or too hot… it’s not unbearable, but everyone here says that January is nothing compared to Feb. and March!!
New Investigators!! – This last week we had such amazing lessons with a new investigator named Vicente! He is about 60 years old and his grandson just passed away aboud a month ago. His Grandson was only 18 years old when he was shot and killed in a robbery. As we taught about the restoration of the Gospel and how Jesus Christ suffered and died for us, the spirit just filled the room.We not only talked about the death and suffering of Jesus Christ, but also about the resurrection, and how because of Jesus Christ- Each one of us will be ressurected! It was wonderful because we really focused on using the The Book of Mormon to explain every part of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ!… It is amazing how when we teach about The Book of Mormon and share the scriptures that are the dearest to our hearts, the spirit truly testifies and helps our investigators feel the power of this gospel! The Book of Mormon is amazing and truly is a testament of Jesus Christ…. every page testifies that through Christ we can have hope, joy, happiness, and support in the most difficult of times.
I truly testify that this gospel is true!! I love that every day I get to share this happiness I have with others and help them to find the comfort, hope and peace that we all need in our lives!
Love you all so much!
Hermana Hansen
My Area!!

My Area!!

My Companion and I

My Companion and I

it got a little too windy...... this skirt has caused a lot of laughs on the mission.....

it got a little too windy…… this skirt has caused a lot of laughs on the mission…..

Where I live..

Where I live..


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