week 32

Hola Family!!

This past week was wonderful!!
PDAY! The week started off wonderfully with Tacos and Fajitas and so much Good Food!! We are so fortunate in Cañete to have a pair of Married Missionaries on our Zone… Los Tharp! They are from St. George and they always invite us over for P’days and Dinners and it is seriously the BEST! My Companion was especially excited because there isn’t too much Mexican food here in Peru!
Investigators and Questions- This past week we have been working a lot with Nestor! He is awesome! He has one of those personalities where if he doesn’t understand something or has a question he asks right away…. In one of our lessons this past week he had a ton of questions about Faith. What it means to Have faith? How can we show our faith? How have you felt your Faith grow in your life?…. He told us.. “I think that is what I don’t have, I don’t have faith”
This statement struck me and really helped me realize how important our personal testimonies truly are! No matter how much we explain what faith was or what he could do to develop faith – he would never develop faith if he didn’t Act. If he didn’t Change!….After sharing these insights with Nestor and leaving Homework in his Book of Mormon and the Promise to Pray and truly seek help in developing his own faith, Things Changed!…. About 3 days later we had another lesson with Nestor, When we asked him how he was doing in his prayers and scripture study, he paused for a minute and then said… “I think I’m growing in my faith… I think I can feel a differerce…. I can feel a peace” …. Wow in this moment I was so overjoyed!!! It’s amazing how the simple steps that the Lord gives us to develop faith and be happy always work!! It’s also amazing to me to witness this change in people, how they truly grow and develop faith and truly become happier and more confident in all the trials and difficult times in our lives!!
I love this Gospel and I testify that it is true!! I love this work and feel so blessed to be a missionary in this time and in this place!!
Love you All!
Hermana Hansen
p.s. the address of our mission office is changinging so don’t send everything and if you could… change the address that is in my blog and facebook!!
it is now
Av. Jorge Chavez N 1272
Satiago de Surco
Lima, Peru
VIVA MEXICO!!! my comp was so happy about this P'day of TACOS!

VIVA MEXICO!!! my comp was so happy about this P’day of TACOS!

We love Tacos!!!

We love Tacos!!!


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