Week 31

Hola Family!! Here is the rundown for this past week!

Intercambios! This past week I got to go work for 2 days in San Viciente, the area that is about 20 minutes from me!! It was so much fun!! There area is made up of just hills of sand, dirt, and houses, so it was pretty fun hiking around to find people to teach! There were so many wonderful lessons and wonderful instances where we found new people to teach and made new contacts for the Hermanas in San Viciente!!!
Sick Days- This past week my miracle run of never getting sick ran out! It happened… I got sick. Because of my sickness I had strict orders to stay in for at least 2 days so, as I didn’t want to give up all of our appointments I ended up staying at a members house for one of the afternoons. The member that I ended up staying with, Lucile was so cute… she is probably around 75 years old and can’t see too well, so for the 5 hours that I spent sleeping and resting at her house she just sat in front of me…. watching me and asking me periodically if I needed anything! haha it was so cute and I actually felt like my little abuela was there watching over me!!
The Blessings of Priesthood Power- By Sunday I was feeling a lot better but I was still not 100% back to normal and I had also had way too much time to think about myself. Inevitably during my time sleeping and resting I had started to think a lot about my dad and how much I missed him and how different things would be when I got home…. needless to say I was a little down in my Spirits. After we had finished our Sunday meetings it dawned on me that I should ask the Elders in our ward if they could please give me a blessing of Health. As he laid his hands on my head and began to give my blessing I was immediatly overcome with thoughts of my father. I could feel his hands on my head and hear his voice saying the words of comfort and healing…. It was one of the most comforting blessings I have ever received…. I truly felt the presence of my father and every word was exactly what I needed to hear. When He finished the blessing Elder Quispe obviously touched by the spirit asked me…. what was your sickness again? It was so apparent that it had not been him talking, but yet my father and my Father in Heaven!! The spirit was so strong and such a confirmation that Our father in Heaven knows each and every one of us! He knows what we need, What we lack, and how we can grow and progress!!!
I love this work so much and I feel so blessed to be here in Cañete sharing the importance of this gospel with everyone that I meet!!! I love you all so much and feel so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life!!
Have an amazing week!!
 Hermana Hansen
San Vicente

San Vicente

cooking in cañete

cooking in cañete

cooking in cañete

cooking in cañete

sick days in Cañete

sick days in Cañete


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