Week 30

Wow!! I love my new area!! It is so crazy how different 3 hours south of Lima really is! I absolutely love my area and my companion!! Hermana Saucedo has a little more than a year in the mission and is absolutely amazing! It is so fun and such a blessing to be working with her every day!!

Happy New Years!!! Hopefully your New Years was wonderful!!! Ours was pretty Low Key but still wonderful as one of the members of our Branch delivered Grapes, paneton ( fruitcake) and inca cola so that we could have a real New Years celebration!!! It is crazy how there are so many traditions for each holiday here- for example everyone wears yellow for new years as a symbol of weath and prosperity! Also everyone Eats grapes… I still don’t understand why exactly but it’s a tradition!! All in all it was great! We were able to see lots of fireworks from our window and hear the shouts of everyone ringing in the new year!
Prepared People! This past week as we were contacting a family this young guy approached us and asked us if we were Mormons. Obviously we said yes and began to talk about the church and told him that we would call him later to schedule an appointment with him… about 3 hours later, he called us!!! That never happens in the mission world!!! He, Nestor, ended up coming to our church building, we gave him a tour and later taught him the first lesson. He said he had been searching so long to find the truth and to find some sort of support or guidance in his life…. when he had seen us walking earlier that morning he had recognized that we were missionaries, and followed us for 3 blocks to ask us if we were in fact members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints… Our lesson with him went amazing, it was pretty funny though because when I asked him to be baptized he didn’t hear exactly what I said and thought I asked him to be baptized that day! hahah the funny thing was that he accepted the date!!! We quickly explained that he would have some preperation for a later date in february! ahah
It’s such an amazing thing when you find the people that the Lord has prepared to receive the restored gospel!!! More than ever I feel the hand of the Lord guiding us to find those that are truly humble in heart and ready to accept a change in their lives, the change that comes when one accepts Christ!! I love this work so much and I feel so grateful that I get to Share the message of Christ every single day!!
Love you all so much!!
Hermana Hansen

Thanks mom!!! Wow! I love all the pictures with the puppies!!!! They are so so so cute!!! Especially the one with the puppy on the table!!! and wow the photos of scarlet are adorable…. who took them? LOVE them!!! I’m glad everything is going so well!! I think about you all the time and you are always in my prayers!! I am so happy everything is working out and I know that the Lord is with you every step of the way!! You are an amazing example to me! I love you so much! All the photos of you with the puppies look awesome!! It looks like you heather and candice have all lost weight…. make sure to tell them that I said that! ahah and you all look great —- especially baby liam!!! Give him a hug and a kiss from is auntie hannah!!!! also joyce just popped into my head… how is she doing? tell her that I love her and I’m thinking and praying for her!

Love you so much!!!
celebrating the new year like peruvians.... with inca cola and paneton

celebrating the new year like peruvians…. with inca cola and paneton

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

What we look like during our hour of Internet!

What we look like during our hour of Internet!


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