Week 27

WOW ! This week has truly been amazing!! Here are some highlights!!

Funny Happenings– This week we’ve had a lot of “Language Laughs” …. As a trainer I’m always trying to explain things about our area so that if I leave this next transfer she will know where is dangerous or who lives where, etc. As we were passing one of the more dangerous streets, I was trying to explain that they dealt drugs there at night, but instead I told my companion…. ” We deal drugs here at night….” She looked at me for a second suprised and then started cracking up…. it was so funny! Oopsies!!! Another moment was when we were listening to one of my Christmas CD’s …. after a bit my companion asked us what “No Well” meant because she was so confused as to why it was sung all the time in Christmas songs…!! We had a good laugh about that too!!
Birthday Problems! It’s been so fun to be in the same area for 5 months!! Especially because I get to celebrate my Birthday and Christmas here!! One of the hermanas that accompanies us always was so cute and stood up in Church to let everyone know that it was my Birthday Tomorrow and that they should make sure to say hi to me! Haha as a result I had all the women in the ward come up to me and give me great big hugs and tell me how much I meant to them!!! It made me realize how blessed I am to be serving in this area with these amazing and wonderful members!! I love each and every one of them!! Wow!! My companions have also been amazing in celebrating my birthday! While I was in the Shower they had decorated my desk for me …. but that is not all, as I was looking at my desk all decorated they jumped out at me and sprayed me with silly string…. haha to say it was a suprise would be an understatement!
Investigators of Gold! Wow!! This week we have really seen amazing progression in each and every one of the people that we have been teaching!!!! Rocio, the daughter of Cesar, Bore her testimony this week saying that she was 100% sure that this is the true church and that she cannot wait to be baptized. I think that was one of the most amazing moments! As she shared her testimony, I thought back to the first time we had a lesson with her- she had faith but she hadn’t had this drive to really Follow Christ….. But now… she can’t stop talking about her faith and desire to truly accept Christ in her life!! It’s amazing how when we really put Christ as a priority in our lives and strive to get to know him, to have faith in him, to Love him…. we grow in our faith and we grow in our knowledge. Rocio is so amazing and I feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to teach her and help her discover the peace and comfort that the gospel of Jesus Christ truly brings us.
Image 3

My Campanion and I love the package!!

My Campanion and I love the package!!

My Companions decorated my desk for my birthday!!

My Companions decorated my desk for my birthday!!

Thanks mom!! I love by birthday package!!!

Thanks mom!! I love by birthday package!!!

I know with all of my heart that this Peace and Joy and Happiness is available to all that truly reach out and accept Christ in our lives!! I know, because I have felt this peace and happiness helping me in every moment of my life. It brings me so much joy to be here in Peru, helping others find this Happiness and Peace that every human being strives to find and cultivate.

Love you All so much!!!
Hermana Hansen

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