Week 26

Hola Familia!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! It’s a bit ironic because here there is no Thanksgiving!! haha We actually forgot it was Thanksgiving until about 8:30 at night- so we all bought alfajores and said what we were thankful for!!! Okay so Here is a rundown of what happened this week!
Language Barrier: I think I had forgotten how difficult it can be to speak Spanish at times…. Haha for example as we were walking outside in the bright… and I mean bright sun… I attempted to ask my companion if there was a specific reason that sunglasses weren’t allowed for missionaries…. what followed was an arguement between us of why they were or weren’t allowed, but what we found out about 10 minutes into the conversation was that my companion was talking about why Hats weren’t allowed, as my other companion was talking about how Umbrellas weren’t allowed, and while I was completely confused about the original question about sunglesses…. we all laughed for a good minute and realized that all three weren’t allowed… haha
Memories: We’ve really been making great strides with our investigators and watching them truly progress and grow!! As we were talking with one of the daughters of Cesar, Maria Del Rosario- she began to tell us how she was scared of moving forward in the Church because everytime she read, or went to Church she thought about her father. She thought about her father and how much she wished she had been baptized when he was alive. After listening to her feelings and her worries, I began to share my testimony…. For me, There are many things that remind me of my Dad in my mission…. Whenever I talk to someone randomly on the street, or think about how excited my Dad was that I was learning Spanish, or how my Dad loved serving anyone and everyone, I am reminded of my Dad…..Throughout my day I have moments where I experience the same thing as Maria- I think of my Dad and remember that he is not here physically with me anymore. But, As I shared with Maria, I don’t think that the purpose of these thoughts are to make us feel pained or sadened because they are no longer with us, instead I think it is a way for us to feel their presence and influence spiritually. To remember that they are with us, and to feel that love and happiness that they feel when we are doing what’s right or doing what they taught us. Everytime Maria opens her scriptures or goes to church, her father is with her… her father is Happy because she is coming closer to him. Likewise, everytime I share the gospel or serve someone, I feel my father with me! As I shared this testimony and thought with Maria I could not deny that it was true!!! I’m so grateful for this knowledge and blessing of the Gospel in my life!!!
I love being a missionary and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share the gospel and serve others everyday!!!
Love you all!! !
Hermana Hansen

P. S. Thanks for all the photos and update on the family!!! We didn’t have thanksgiving here because nobody really knows what it is…. hahah … but it was a good week! Wow!!!!! I can’t believe it is already december!! Just hang in there with the papers and dirty jobs that dad always did!!! It will get better and It will probably keep you occupied more than you’d think! Mom. You are such an example to me of strength and faith!! You are truly amazing and I feel so blessed to be your daughter!! Things are moving along!!!! we found 10 new investigators this week but we will have to go through and see if any of them can really progress!! Love you so  so so so s oso so much!!! 

Hermana Hansen

Image 4

Nativity in Peru!

Nativity in Peru!

Image 2

Thanks Mom, love my christmas decorations

Thanks Mom, love my christmas decorations

Got my Nativity up!

Got my Nativity up!


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