Week 25

Hola Familia!!! 

Wow I can’t believe It’s already P-day Again!!!… partly because I had p-day on Wednesday, but also because this week by fast! Here are the Updates…..
Hna Holbrook and I in front  of our house.

Hna Holbrook and I in front of our house.

My Companions and I!!

My Companions and I!!

Hna Remirez and I!!

Hna Remirez and I!!

“I’m a member”– This past week has been filled with contacting and finding! Even though we didn’t have much success in finding new investigators- the Lord truly sent us a blessing and helped us to find inactive members in the unplanned and unknown moments of our day! One of these experiences was when we were trying to find the address of one of our refrences from a member, as we were standing outside making calls I saw a woman taking out the garabage that needed help with the door – I opened the door for her and when she came back she started up a conversation with us… Turns out she was a member that hadn’t come to church for about 10 years and her son- who wasn’t a member had friends in the Church and wanted to get baptized! When we had our first lesson with Her, Patricia, it became even more apparent how the Lord had directed us into her life. She expressed her gratitude for our lesson and the desire for her to be active and her son to be baptized. It’s also amazing how a small thing such as opening the door for someone can be such an indicator of Love and Kindess- and open the way for conversations. This totally reminded me of my Dad’s philosophy in Missionary work— First, Serve them. Next, Talk about their lives, what they need. Then, Share the Truths that you know and Love. And Lastly, Invite them to be a part of it. Invite them to be your friend!

People’s Progression– This week I’ve truly learned that each person progresses differently. As we continue to teach the Family Reyes (the family with 7 daughters) I’ve come to see how even in a family each one of the daughters has different needs and wants from the gospel. This week we finally put a Baptism date with one of the daughters, Rocio!! It was so exciting to hear her testimony and her desire to be baptized when she recieves her answer that the Church is true!!! I love teaching every member of this family and they have truly become part of my family! We are still teaching 2 of the other sisters and working with other less actives that are in there family! Even with their varied progression, I still have faith that one day their family will truly be eternal! And I can only imagine how excited their father is for that day!
Companions!! Wow! I love my companions!!! Hna. Ramirez is amazing! She teaches with the Spirit and has such a strong desire to be the best missionary she can be! The only thing that has been a little difficult is adjusting to speaking spanish 24-7! I have to admit, I got a little spoiled with Hna. Holbrook and let my spanish go a bit!!! But it’s good to have a native speaker again because she challenges me to speak better and also understand more clearly…. because she has a whole new accent… and to be honest I don’t always understand what she is saying…. hahah but I Love her so much!
Thank you for all the letters and prayers!!! Love you all so much and feel so blessed to have a family as amazing as you all!
Much Love,
Hermana Hansen
Ps. If you have time read 2 Nephi 4 — especially verses 35&36… they are so powerful and just remind me that if we put our confidence in the Lord he will bless us with Strength!

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