Week 22

Hola Familia!! 

This week went by as speedily as the rest!! I am loving Bolognesi and loving my companion, She is seriously the best!! I never thought I would get to have a gringa companion and now that I do I’m soaking in every moment of it!!! Seriously she’s the best!! Here are some of the highlights!
“You never know about soup….”- Our pensionista always makes soup for us and normally it’s really good, but sometimes its a little hard to know exactly what is in the soup…. for example this past week our pensionista was talking about how she prepared the soup of the day and low and behold we discovered that to make the broth it was a special process that involved fish heads and other various parts of the fish’s body… bon a petit!
Spanish is a Struggle- This past week my companion and I gave the lesson in Relief Society. Our lesson was on Family History and the importance of Temples! As I was talking about the importance about recording our family history I meant to ask… “how many of you are filling up your family history books!” when in reality I said… “how many of you are full?” of course we all burst into laughter!! – especially because it was fast sunday… haha
Families can be together forever!- This past week we continued to teach the family of Cesar, the member that had passed away last week, and wow! they are so prepared and wonderful!! I already feel like they are part of my family! During all of our lessons the spirit is so strong and you can just feel their desire to learn and to develop the love for the gospel that their father had. This sunday one of the daughters even stood up during sacrament and shared her testimony! She shared how she knew without a doubt that her family would be reunited and could live together once more!!! Her testimony was so powerful and a great reminder of the importance that simple truths can have in our everyday lives. Something so simple as the knowledge that “families can be together forever” can bless our lives and give us comfort and strength in the moment that we need it the most! I love this familiy so much and it’s amazing to see how the example of their father and his love for the gospel had such an effect on his family that now almost every member wants to listen to the gospel!
I love this work and I love Peru!! Everyday I’m here I just continue to feel a love for the people and the gospel that is just indescribable!
Love you all so much!!
Hna. Hansen

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