Week 21

On the Beach

On the Beach

My Zone

My Zone

Hola Family!! 

Wow I feel so grateful for my area, my companion, and the members in this area!! It has been a wonderful week!
Sports on the Beach- Wooo I love how our area is right on the Beach! It is so nice! So this week we had the chance to go play capture the flag on the beach with our Zone! It was so much fun, but my companion was so sore from running on the sand that she could hardly move! … haha I was pretty sore too! I guess that was our sign that we might need to work out a bit harder in the mornings!! haha
Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes- This past week we started teaching a single mom, Rosa, who has a 6 year old daughter who is deaf. As we began the lesson her daughter ran over to us and started motioning to our eyes and then touching our hair- trying to ask us why it was different. She was so puzzled and confused and as she continued to motion to her brown eyes and our blue eyes- her mom then explained that she had never seen anyone with blonde hair or blue eyes. In this moment my companion and I were overwhelmed with love for this little girl and I really began to realize how even though we all look different, we are all children of God!
Families are forever- This past week one of the members in our ward, Cesar, fell in his shower while he was getting ready for Church. As a result he had 7 aneurisms (spellcheck please) and was in a coma for a week before he passed away. Cesar had 7 daughters with his wife and was the only member in his family. Even without much support from his family he was always at church, early – which for Peru is unusual-  and ready to share his testimony with everyone he met. Because of the the sudden accident, my companion and I went and visited the family troughout the weekend before his passing. In each of our lessons with the family the spirit was so strong and each of the daughters shared with us how much our words and the message that “Our families can be together forever” helped them through this time. It is so incredible how the Lord puts families and people in your path when they need the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ the most. One of the 7 daughters even told us that she had seen us entering the Chapel one day and had felt an overwhelming feeling that she would meet us, or need to talk to us about the gospel someday.In addition to our lessons and prayers with the familiy, we had the opportunity to sing at the funeral service. As my companion and I sang “Mas cerca Dios de Ti” – or “Nearer My God to Thee” the room was filled with the spirit, the family began to cry, and I really felt the confidence that this is not the end for the Family Reyes. They will be together again someday.
I love this Gospel so much and the comfort and joy it brings into my life! I know that we can really live with our Families Forever and that this Gospel is how we achieve this reality!
love you all so so much!!!

Hna. Hansen


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