Week 20

with the Cristo

with the Cristo



Thank you!  Love my package!!

Thank you! Love my package!!

me and my campanion at the beach

me and my campanion at the beach

Hermana's in my Zone!

Hermana’s in my Zone!

Me with the Cristo

Me with the Cristo

Hola Familia!!
This week went by so fast!!!!

CRISTO!! – this last p-day we got to go visit one of the many giant Christ statues that are in the hills that surround Lima! After taking a bus and then hiking up side of the hill we finally arrived and the view was so amazing!! Our zone is right by the beach so we have such an amazing view!!! It was crazy to look down and realize that all those little colorful boxes are houses!!! It never ceases to amaze me of how many people live in Lima and also how huge Lima really is!!!
“Id al Rescate!”- This week our president and our Leaders had a huge push for working with the inactive and less active members in our Wards.The cool part about this new change in how we work as missionaries is that when we go to the house of a less active or inactive member, most often there are members in their family or people that they live with that aren’t members or have never talked with missionaries!! It is these people that the Lord has prepared to hear the message of Jesus Christ!

Miracles- These past three weeks has been really rough with one of the recent converts in our ward. Falling back in his addiction problems we were unable to have contact with him for 3 weeks! But after all of our calls and our attempts to visit him were in vain, we ran into him randomly as we were walking home from one of our lessons. He expressed how much it meant to him to see us and how much he missed the Ward and the way he felt in the Church. The next day he attended Church and we are now working with the ward to really give him the strength and support he needs! It really hit me how much of a miracle this moment really was- after 3 weeks of not being able to find him anywhere, the Lord made our paths cross!
Tired But Happy- This past week has been a week of lessons… really! With all of our work with Less actives and the continuing work with our investigators we were constantly walking, teaching and planning!!! It was one of those weeks where come Sunday night all my companion could say when she looked at me was…. ” Wow you look so tired….” but what really dawned on me was that while, yes… I was exhausted, I have never felt so happy and content in my exhaustion! I hope that makes sense…. but really. When you spend every moment thinking about others, thinking about what you can do to help improve the life of someone else you are happier. Every time we share a lesson and our Investigator or Less Active progresses in their faith, or reads their scriptures, or says that they finally feel the love of Christ in their lives we grow a little bit with them, and we feel the love of Christ more abundantly in our lives.
I love this work and I feel so blessed to be in Peru with the people that I know I’m supposed to work and grow with!!! Love you all so much! Have the most amazing week ever!!!
much Love,
hna hansen
She also added
Ohh my goodness these photos and the stories of starbucks are such a crack up I can totally picture that right now! haha seriously haha it totally cracks me up!! I love the photo of steph! she looks so good! and Yay I’m so glad you have been feeling better — that is such a blessing! The new rule is just that we are not allowed to eat with members… ever. everything we eat has to be in either bottles or packages…. so all the members are super annoyed because we can no longer drink their chicha or eat practically anything. Mercedes came to church! It was so nice to see her!! wow I totally remembered her face and WOW thank you for the package! I have been really good at not looking haha and I’m so excited to open everything! WOW you sent a lot haha seriously my comp was making fun of me because you sent so much stuff…. but we were so grateful because we totally ate so much candy and also that caramel corn is the BEST THING EVER really mom you were too kind to send all of that stuff to me!!!! I loved it all!!!
love you so much! Hope all is well!!! Thinking of you often!!
hna hansen


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