Week 19

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Here’s a little run-down on my week!!!
Gringas- Okay, so let me just tell you how amazing my companion is! She is from Idaho and is such an amazing missionary! I’ve learned so much from her this week and have learned the importance of really letting the spirit testify to our investigators. Unlike me, she’s never afraid of silence and really focuses on speaking from the heart, and giving the investigators time to process their feelings and the principles of our lesson. I feel so blessed to have at least 6 weeks to learn from her amazing example! It is also so fun it is to have a companion that speaks ENGLISH! haha seriously, it has been so great to be able to communicate with my comp in both English and Spanish!
Prepared People!- This week was my first week directing an area!! The significance of this is simply that I have to remember the streets, names, and people in our area! So… as you could probably guess I was a bit nervous… but wow- have I felt the hand of the Lord in my life this past week! Everytime I had an impression to visit this investigator, or that contact, we ended up finding success and finding people that the Lord has truly prepared for us to teach!!! Two of these moments were with investigators that we had not taught and not been able to contact for about 2 weeks!! One of the investigators we taught was a woman who had been recieving the lessons about 4 or 5 months ago until her husband died. Everytime we had knocked on her door the previous months she had not been home or she had canceled our appointments. But after a thought popped into my head to just pass by her house, we ended up making an appointment and teaching her the next day. Throughout our lesson the Spirit was so strong and she was so grateful for everything we shared. It was amazing to see how much our message- the reality that she would be able to see her husband again, that this life is not the end – and our invitation for her to follow Christ impacted her! We had another experience with a single mother and one of her children- her 12 year old son. While we were testifying of the importance of baptism, and the preistood or power of God the spirit became so strong. As we invited her to be baptized with her son, the feelings of peace and happiness filled the room and she began to cry. She later said that she was so happy and excited that she could be baptized with her son! It’s been such a testimony builder to me to see how every person we visited this week was for a reason! I know that I was not alone in my planning and my thoughts for who to teach this week- I really had the help and the guidence of the Lord.
Conference- WOW conference was so so powerful!! It was so wonderful also because we got to watch it in English!! It was a bit comedic though because we had about 10 missionaries in the stake secretary’s office all crowded around his computer monitor! But it was so worth it!! I loved how tons of the talks focused on Prophets and church leaders and the importance they have in helping us in directing the Church! One of my favorite talks was the one from Lynn G. Robins which focused on caring more about what God thinks that what the people in the world think! I just thought that was amazing!!! It really gave me a new perspective on the importance of putting the Lord first in our lives!!!
All and all this week was wonderful!!! I absolutely love being a missionary and I would not trade this experience for anything! I still have moments when people have no idea what I said and the language barrier becomes more apparent, but these frustrations are nothing compared to the love and guidence I feel everyday to help everyone come unto Christ and feel his love for them!!
I love this work and I love all of you!!!
Hermana Hansen


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