Week 18

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Hola Family! 

Image 12Wow!! This week really just flew by!!
No Conference? This past week has been crazy in Peru because it was their week of elections. The constant marches in the street or loudspeakers driving by with political speeches wasn’t the only interruption- in Peru the day of elections is practically a holiday and the government asks that all churches, groups, clubs, etc. cancel all meetings! So… needless to say while the rest of the world was watching conference we were teaching lessons and contacting people! It was the first time in my life that there were no meetings on Sunday- and it felt so strange!!! Entonces… All the missionaries and members are so excited for conference this week & hopefully I will be able to watch it in english too!!!! Wooo!
Templo. Templo. Templo. – This past Thursday we had the opportunity to go to the temple with our new converts- Rodrigo and Daniel!! It was so amazing!!! Becuase my area is so close to the temple-we’ve been doing a lot of work with family history and trying to help every one of our recent converts enter the temple! It was so amazing that Daniel and Rodrigo had just had their own baptisms on the 13th of September and now 3 weeks later, they were able to be baptized for their grandfathers!!! It was such a beautiful day and both Daniel and Rodrigo commented on the special feelings and peace that they felt in the temple!
Gifts and Goodbyes- This week was cambios!! And since my companion and I opened our area and had the same amount of time in our barrio- we had no idea who would have a change. It was torture!!! Everytime we had to tell a person goodbye it had to be from both of us! One of our Less Actives, Hermana Janeth bought both of us peruvian purses, her daughter made us a sign, and dinner for us!! – a quick backrgound about Janet…. She is a single mom and works 2 jobs just to support her daughter! When we first taught her she had no desire to go to church again (she hadn’t attended church for 5 years or so) on our 5th visist she finally made the decision to come to church! Ever since that day she has told us that her whole life has changed- and her relationship with her daughter  (she is 15)has been so much stronger. Her daughter even told us “thank you for bringing my mom back!” So needless to say when we opened the purses that she gave us we almost cried! For her to give us something when she had so little was so heartfelt. We also had a Hermana in our ward, Hna.Gloria, paint her house and put up signs to celebrate our birthdays because she didn’t know if we would be in the area to celebrate with her!!! — honestly the members and Investigators here are amazing and so it was a complete blessing that I get to stay at least one more cambio in Bolognesi! That’s right, still no change for me!!!
But… I did get a new companion!! Her name is Hna. Holbrook and she is from Idaho! Yep, that’s right… another gringa!!! haha she finishes her mission in 1 more transfer so it is such a blessing to have an opportunity to learn from her! She is awesome!!
All in All this week was wonderful!!! Hope all is well at home!! Love you all so much!!!
Hna. Hansen

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