Week 17


This week in a flash-
“I Love You” – Whenever we walk down the street there are always lots of people that yell things at me because I am a Gringa… normally it’s things like good morning, hello and hi – but sometimes it turns into things like “I love you” and “marry me” Needless to say when I was walking back from institute with our new converts, Rodrigo and Daniel and they heard people yelling I love you!! at us they were a bit confused and then realized that it was because they were with a gringa…. we all laughed about it for awhile
Temple!- This week we got special permission to leave our mission and go to the temple as a zone! It was the best!! Other than a bit of difficulty that comes with stuffing 6 hermanas in one taxi- it was the best! Being in the temple I just felt home! It’s amazing how peaceful you feel when you go to the temple! It was also wonderful because the next night we had the general Womens broadcast and literally every speaker talked about the importance of temples! It’s so true!! In the temple you can just feel God´s love for you so strongly!
Invitations- This past week we had our first lesson with our investigator Lessly! Our lesson went beautifully! – the Spirit was so strong and everything we talked about you could just see Lessly accepting it all! As my companion and I began to talk about our purpose as missionaries – to invite everyone to come unto Christ- it became so apparent to me that I needed to invite Lessly to be baptized. As I started  the baptismal question, the Spirit filled the room- seriously it was so strong- and I could see the excitement in Lessly’s eyes as she said YES! This was the first time that I had really felt the magnitude of this simple invitation- the invitation to follow Christ! After our lesson I talked to my companion and asked her if she had felt the same need to invite Lessly to be baptized. She said that in the lesson she had felt that I was the one who needed to ask Lessly to be baptized- not her! Wow! It is so amazing how in sync we had been in our thoughts and emotions about this small lesson!
Favorite Things- One of the most amazing things in the mission is when one of the people you are teaching tells you that they know the Church is true that God loves them and that we as missionaries have helped them gain this knowledge! Just this happened this past week with Brenda. As we were teaching her she bore a small testimony that she knew that everything we had taught her was true!! Wow! It was so powerful to hear one of our investigators- someone that when we had started our lessons 10 weeks ago had no knowledge of the gospel now has a testimony and a desire to have the gospel in the life of her family.

The Peru Temple with my companion.

The Peru Temple with my companion.

Love you all so much!!!
hna Hansen

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