week 16

my comp and I with our Parrilla... basically just a pile of meat

my comp and I with our Parrilla… basically just a pile of meat

Lunch with one of the members in our ward! Their son is 14 and always tries to tell me jokes but he talks so fast!!!!

Lunch with one of the members in our ward! Their son is 14 and always tries to tell me jokes but he talks so fast!!!!


This week really flew by!! It´s getting a bit warmer here but now the weather is a bit mixed up! One day is misty and cold and the next is sunny and beautiful!!! But all around it´s wonderful! I can´t believe I´ve already been in Bolognesi for 2.5 months!!  Here are some of the Highlights!
Dogs here: This past week as we were rushing from appointment to appointment this lady stopped us on the street to talk to us about how she was a member and how she knew of an apartment for us. As we were listening to this random woman giving us all this random information, all the sudden a heard a woman yell at me “That dog is peeing on your leg” as soon as I heard this I felt exactly what she was talking about…. But it was too late…. a dog had totally peed all over my leg!!!! It was awful, but also extremely hilarious… My comp and I couldn´t stop laughing….
Anticucho: I love how the foods here have really great names that hide what you are actually eating…. for example… anticucho. sounds fun right? haha well actually.. it is cow heart! haha but other than the fact that it´s a little chewy it is actually pretty good!
La Expiacion : The Atonement: WOW! this week my companion and I have been really focusing on teaching the Docterine of Christ and the Atonement. One amazing moment was when we were teaching Walter- the father of Rodrigo and Daniel! Walter has recieved the lessons from other missionaries but because of his family background- his whole family is really catholic- he had decided against baptism and this was our first time teaching him! And WOW.It was such a blessing from the Lord that Daniel and Rodrigo had forgotten about our appointment and Walter was home and willing to listen! The spirit was so so so strong! It´s incredible when you think of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ- you can´t help but feel immense gratitude and love for our savior!!
Rescatas: In our mission, we´ve been putting a lot of emphasis in “rescuing” inactive members that live in our area! One of the less active members we have been working with for the past 8 weeks is a 70 year old man named Fidencio. The first time we visited him was awful- he made fun of my spanish and was all around rude about our message. But as we kept visiting him he has completely changed… enserio it´s incredible how the gospel changes people!!! Now fidencio is my Peruvian Grandpa!!! He is so excited about everytime we come to visit him and went out and bought a new Bible and Book of Mormon to read “Every night.” It´s so wonderful to see how a stubborn 70 year old man who has been refusing the missionaries for years… finally accepted us to remind him of the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ in his life!
Hope you all have a fabulous week!!! Keep smiling always!
Love you tons!!!
Hermana Hansen

One more funny story,

haha this week one of my investigators asked if I was pregnant and started laughing and called me a gordita!!! It was pretty funny because the next day i was talking about how I had a headache and one of the members that was with us said that it was probably a lack of calories because I´m just really skinny…. hahaha is there not a happy medium?!?!? hahah I thought that was pretty funny!


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