Week 15

Helping a family move

Helping a family move



baptism of Rodrigo and Daniel

baptism of Rodrigo and Daniel

Rodrigo and Daniel

Rodrigo and Daniel

Hola familia!!!

Ahhh this week was my first real baptism!!! Rodrigo and Daniel were finally baptized after investigating the church for 6 months with their family!!! The baptism was wonderful! Daniel and Rodrigo were wearing their finest and even though their mom and dad couldn`t make it because they were traveling for work, they felt the love and support of our ward family!! It was also really exciting because our president gave permission to two of the other hermanas who had taught them during their 6 months as investigators- they were so excited to see them and sincerely thanked every one of us for our lessons!!! I will never forget watching each of them following the example of Christ and being baptized by immersion, through the preistood- the power for a man to act in the name of God! I will also never forget that after Rodrigo was baptized he turned and looked straight at me and my companion and gave us the biggest grin and waved his hands in excitement!!!! ahhhhh I was so happy during the whole baptism I couldn`t stop smiling… seriously everyone kept talking about how I was exuding happiness!!! Sunday was just as amazing when Daniel and Rodrigo recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost!! The spirit was so strong and in each of their confirmations the bishop talked specifically about serving missions!!! ahhh I honestly cannot wait for Daniel and Rodrigo to serve missions and share their testimonies and help bring others the light that they have found during their 6 months of lessons!!!

Service! This week we had an opportunity to help move a family in our ward!! Almost all the elders in our zone came to help and some hermanas came too!! While the elders moved the furniture, the hnas packed up the stuff in the kitchen… and wow let me tell you kitchens are nasty.

Investigators: This week my comp and I had a super sweet experience with one of our investigators – Yanina! Yanina has been coming to church for the past 3 weeks, but every time she comes right after the sacrament—- so it doesn`t cound as an attendance for baptism… so this week we decided to really focus our lesson on the sacrament. As we were teaching our lesson… about to start our conversation about the sacrament…. Yanina began to cry and pointed to a photo in the little panphlet we had given her last week! The photo was of a little girl taking the sacrament…. Yanina was overwhelmed with the memories of when she had taken the sacrament as a child and how important it was to her!!! WOW! sometimes the Lord knows what our investigators need before we do!! It was so crazy and wonderful and spiritual to know that My companion and I are never alone in lessons, we always have the Spirit and the hand of the lord guiding us in what we teach and how we teach it!!

Love you all so so much and hope all is well!!!

hna. Hansen


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