week 14 letter

Wow… another week passes and here are the highlights!!!! 
Why I Hate Birds- For those of you who know, I really don’t like birds! But they are everywhere here!! During one of our lessons we were sitting on the side of the road teaching one of our newer investigators. As she started to open up about her life and her struggles- on the verge of tears- a bird just pooped right on my companion! Because I was facing my companion and the investigator was looking at me I had to fight back laughter!! It was sooo hard because I didn’t completely understand everything she was saying- so it was hard to focus-, and secondly, the expression of my companion was priceless. Mondongo-  Normally I love the food of our penncionista but this week she cooked something a bit more exotic. As I began to eat our lunch I began to get a little confused, and a bit worried. I couldn’t exactly tell what it was…. a vegetable… a part of a chicken…. But needless to say it was chewy and slimy and was not my favorite…. turns out mondongo is cow stomach skin…. so yeah that’s awesome 
CCM comes to Bolognesi- Wow!!! It was such a flashback to have the CCM come to my area for their practice pros.!! It was also such an adventure… first off when the secretary arrived to open the chapel for us the secretary entered the wrong code and so the alarm began blaring…. and let me tell you our alarm is LOUD. About a minute after the alarm was set off the Bus of Elders arrived from the CCM… it was such perfect timing! I was laughing so hard I almost cried!! All the missionaries that came to our area were elders… North American Elders!!! haha it was so funny how all of them were so interested in how long I had been out and how well my spanish was! haha it also made me realize how far my spanish has really come!! When our bishop welcomed all of the Elders to our barrio they couldn’t understand anything and I had to translate the number of the hymn because all of the elders were so confused!! It was also so strange to have so many Gringos walking around my area! One of my favorite moments was when we saw one of the new elders sharing his testimony to the son of one of our investigators. His words were so broken and you could tell he was so nervous but the spirit was so strong and it made me think back to my first weeks in the mission and in peru. Its crazy how much you feel the spirit working through you all the time when you can’t really speak the language! That is one thing that you forget when you start to progress in the language… how much the Lord helped you say what you needed to say and how full of the spirit your words were!! 
Miracles!! Wow we witnesses so many miracles this week! First off last p-day Hna. Guelet left her wallet in the resturant that we had eaten lunch in. After about an hour of shopping we realized her wallet – with all of her mission money, credit card, and debit card – was not in her bag!!! We ran back to the resturant… with the knowledge that it was probably gone… I mean we live in Lima!! But when we arrived her wallet was on the ground- untouched, nothing was missing.
Second- Last sunday we had a super sweet lady who had found information about the church and had come to church alone! But after on of our classes she disappeared- and all we had was her name! No information!!! Every day my comp and I have been praying that she would come back this week!!! Our Prayers were answered!!!! Lessly came to church again and brought her mom!!! We got her information and have an appointment for this week!!! It’s crazy how the hand of the lord is in each of our lives!!!! 
Love you all so much!!! Have a fabulous week!!! If you have time read Ether 12 verse 4. This has been hna. Guelet and I’s favorite scripture this cambio and I just LOVE IT!!! 
Hna. Hansen 
PS Love the pictures and the letter!!! Seriously its the best!!! This week has been great!!! seriously…. my spanish has improved so much and I seriously feel like I can Almost say whatever I want!!! but its a constant rollercoaster so… we’ll see!  



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