Week 11

Touring the Chocolate Factory

Touring the Chocolate Factory

La Playa con mi compañera

La Playa con mi compañera

On the Coast for P-Day

On the Coast for P-Day

This week has flown by!!! Here are some updates

Coffeeee- aduring our lesson of the Word of WisdomI nstead of saying cafe (the spanish word for coffee) I said Coffee in a spanish accent…Everyone laughed and it was just one of those spanish-english moments hah

Navidad? – This week my companion and I haqve been constantly thinking about Christmas!! Because it’s winter here, every morning I wake up thinking that it’s december and that Christmas is in a few days!! Because of this we have been singing lots of songs in our lessons…. haha at first the investigators are a little confused but then I explain how in the US christmas is in winter and they they agree to sing it in my honor! haha

P-Day- This past P-day was the best!! My companion and I got special permission to opt out of our zone activity- sports- and attend a museum in our area… a museum of Chocolate!!! haha we got to taste test chocolates and see how they make chocolate in a short little tour. haha I almost bought chocolate with cocaine in it…. because I thought it was coconut…. but my companion swiftly told me that it wasn’t what I thought it was…..
Then we went to the beach! and walked through the older, more touristy area of our barrio… the part that we are never in! We took some pictures by the beach and enjoyed the view of some of Lima!!

Prayers are answered! – Wow! The Lord truly knows what you need and when you need it!! I’ve been making great strides in my spanish and my teaching skills. But, this week after a few investigators and members made fun of my accent and spanish in my lessons I was feeling a little lost and a little in need of a revival- of goals and purpose!! So in this momenbt I prayed for an intercambio. I just needed a change of scene and also an evaluation- someone to talk to about what I could do better on and also what I did well on! And guess what…. the next morning I got a phone call- Intercambios with Hna. Shill! My prayers were answered!!!! This intercambio was everything I needed at this moment! I was able to refocus on my purpose, set goals, and speak in English for a whole DAY! haha It was wonderful!!!! Sometimes we just need to ask for help and realize that we need time to recharge, reset, and reevalute .. and when we do, we become so much stronger!!!

Investigators- The Law of Chastity Strikes again!!!! ahhh After talking with one of the Friends of Brenda we discovered that Brenda and her “husband” are not married!!! ahhh This means that in order for Brenda to get baptized the 13 of Sept. they will have to get married first!!! Even with this reality my comp and I are trying to stay positive because this family is so special to us and everytime we return we feel the countance of Brenda and her daughters changing! It’s true…. Brenda and her daughters were literally glowing in our last lesson!!! I just want this family to be baptized so badly!! We know that the 13 of September may not be a reality, but our desire for this family is more than just a date, we want their family to be able to live together for eternity!!! ahhh

This week has really taught me of the great connection I have developed for each of the individuals that we have taught!!! Each time we have a lesson, Each time we pray for them I grow to love them more and more!!! This is probably what people mean when they say that they Love the People. Because when you teach a person the gospel and put your heart and soul in every lesson- and therefore share spiritual experiences together, you grow to truly love and appreciate them!!!

Give someone a compliment today and keep smiling,


Yes! but we never see the beach!!! P.S: I AM STILL NOT SICK!!! hallelujah!!! Please incluede that in my letter!! 


Hermana Hansen


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