Week 10

Bowling with my District.

Bowling with my District.

Selfie of My Me and My Companion

Selfie of My Me and My Companion

Sisters in my Zone

Sisters in my Zone

Bowling on P-Day

Bowling on P-Day

TRUFA!! basically a cake pop..Peru had them first.. honestly so good!

TRUFA!! basically a cake pop..Peru had them first.. honestly so good!


This week really flew by! I only have my subject title as “yo soy un milagro” because I haven´t been sick (as in from food sick) at all! Which in Peru is a MIRACLE…. I´ve waited this long to write this because I haven´t wanted to jinx it! But every day my companion is blown away that I haven´t had a malo stomach yet! haha 


There´s a Thumb in my Soup! : haha actually there was a whole foot… a chicken foot. Ahh at first when I saw it I figured that it was simply for flavoring and there was no way that I would have to really touch the thing.. but as our lunch progressed our penncionista motioned to the foot and remarked at how it is the best part! I tried to do my best to make it look like I was really enjoying the chicken foot… but in reality the slimy ligaments were not my fav. 


Investigadores!! : AH this week was an amazing week of teaching and getting to really know and love our investigators!!! Brenda (The family I told you about in my last email) Came to church for the 3rd week in a row and Brenda and her daughter have a date set to be baptized on the 13th of Sept.!!! Ahh I´ve so excited!! One quick story about Brenda´s fecha: After our lesson with Brenda my comp told me the strangest thing happened to her when she extended the date… she thought to say August 30 but Sept 13 came out…. after thinking about it we realized that it was a total sign that her Husband should have the opportunity to be baptized on the same day as her! I really hope this actually happens because honestly I will cry when this family is baptized together! Our other progressing investigators is a family the missioneras have been teaching for months! They have three sons ages 19-18-15 so it is so fun to teach them! We haven´t been teaching their father at all bu we´ve been having lots of lessons with the mother and the sons! All three of the sons have a date set to be baptized on the 30th of August and each lesson with them I can feel their excitement grow!!! The lessons with them are always so fabulous and this week they even asked my comp and I to bring them a copy of Preach my Gospel because they are thinking about missions after their baptisms!!! ahhhh it makes me so excited to think that Rodrigo and Daniel could be missionaries in a year or so! 


In Language Limbo: This week I have made great strides in my spanish! I finally have a personality again!!! wooo!!! Haha but seriously! I have had the opportunity to share personal experiences and different portions of lessons I have never been able to before!!! However, my mind is still transistioning entonces I still have random english words come out when I´m trying to speak spanish and spanish words when I´m trying to speak English. This week I had a short interview with the President because I was in the Office waiting for my comp to get her migracion papers. The President asked me to offer a prayer and naturally I thought… oh I´ll say it in English! As I got to the middle of my prayer in English, The words no longer came to me and I was forced to finish out my prayer in spanish!!! I couldn´t believe it!!!! hahah Praying in English was now difficult… not Spanish!!! 


Cambios! This week I had intercambios with the Hermanas in San Juan Miraflores so I had the opportunity to spend a day with a different comp in a completely different area!!! It was so fun to see how different each barrio really is. and also how attatched I´ve become to my barrio!!! I love Bolognesi and the members and the investigators and my companion!!! It´s all become my home!!! Going to San Juan was great, but just made me realize how hard it will be when I have to leave my first area!!! 


I´m Naked: The worst thing happened to me this past week! I FORGOT MY BADGE one day!Luckily it was just when we have meetings with our zone so we weren´t teaching lessons, but it was horrible!!! I felt so naked without it!! It made me realize how much my calling is a part of me. I love being a missionary and talking to people about the blessings of the gospel and how much they are loved by their Father in Heaven!!! And even though I can´t say everything I want to and I don´t always conjugate my verbs correctly I feel the spirit every day and I know my investigators and the people we teach can feel it too!! 


have the best week ever!!!! Read Ether 12 and keep smiling!! !


Love you all!!! 








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