Week 9

Wow, this week has flown by! Seriously! Here are some highlights from this week- 



Just Ask! This week we had a lot of appointments and a lot of cancelations! Therefore, it was also a lot of walking and trying to find different houses, people, and appointments! One night in specific, we were looking for the house of a Less Active member who we were visiting because our other appointment had fallen through. We had been there before and thought we knew where we were going, but we soon figured out that we were lost. We were just walking aimlessly around the same streets and it felt hopeless. In this moment I said a little prayer- please let us find her house soon! About 2 minutes after this Moto Taxi drove by and yelled at us. We waved but mostly ignored it because we never know if we actually know them or it is just some guy pointing out a Gringa. Then the same Moto Taxi drove by again shouting * Hermanas! You’re looking for my mom’s house.. right? I’ll take you there! Right away we were off, and even though the member wasn’t home, it was still a short,sweet answer to a simple need. 




Mountains! … of rice- Our regular pencionista has been in the US for the past 2 weeks and so we’ve had a replacement pencionist, and can I just say my comp and I are SO excited for her to come home!! Our new pencionista has this thing with rice… 90% of the plate is rice and the other 10% is actually food… seriously… my comp and I are just trying to make it through the week! But Peruvian food is really good! It’s a lot of rice, potatos, chicken, lentils, and mayonaise (Really) . They put that stuff on everything! Because right now is winter we drink a lot of hot herbal drinks… my favorite is agua with piña! it is so good! We also drink a lot of Ecco… it is this powder stuff that tastes like what I would imagine coffee tastes like- I didn’t like it at first, but with tons of sugar it’s good! 




American Food! This week I introduced my companion to the Cinnamon roll at… Cinnabon! They have one in the mall here! haha I also made pancakes one morning with Nutella! It felt so good to eat some American food… but I still haven’t come accross a waffle iron … =( 




Restoration- This week we had an awesome lesson with a family that we have been teaching for the past 2 weeks! We watched a short video on Joseph Smith and the Restoration! At first I was chuckling to myself about how cheesy the video was, but then I really focused on the message of the video and wow – the spirit was so strong! I then shared my experience of when I knew the Book of Mormon Was true and it went amazing! My words just flowed and I felt the Spirit so strong! Ah! I love talking about The Book of Mormon, because just reading one verse, or testifying of it’s power brings the spirit immediately! 




Training- This week we had training in San Juan with our President! It went great! I even did a practice lesson in front of everyone- all the new missionaries in training. It went great and I feel as if my spanish is improving! Woo! 




All in all it was a fabulous week filled with struggles and also excitement,




Hermana Hansen 

A photo of my old Companion at the CCM

A photo of my old Companion at the CCM

The nicest part of my area

The nicest part of my area


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