Week 8 Chocolate is the Same in Every Language!


woo! I can´t believe it has already been almost 2 weeks since I´ve been in the mission field! Bolognesi is finally starting to feel like home! Here are some of the highlights- updates of the week!


Companion: I love my companion! It took me awhile to get accustomed to how fast she talks and her Argentina- accent… -sha (If you know Argentina you know they pronounce ll differently as well as whatever syllables they feel like changing.. haha ) Even with the language barrier there is one thing that we can always agree on: Chocolate. Ahh we have this bakery right by our apartment that has THE best chocolate cake pop things ever.. seriously. But it isn´t only chocolate we talk about, we´ve grown to understand the other- to a degree and therefore work together more! She has such a drive to find and teach and bring people unto Christ, it´s inspiring! 


Spanish: Wow. My brain is tired! I feel like I´m in a constant battle between English and Spanish! But it´s getting better! I now teach more of the lesson and am able to have conversations with members and mostly my companion! We chat all the time and because of that my Spanish has really improved! Even with my improvement my brain is still in limbo- haha A lot of times I´ll think something in Spanish and it will come out in English, or the other way around! Haha as for understanding it all depends on the person! Anyone learning a new language – especially spanish- knows that it all depends on the speed, accent, and topic. When people start talking about their life problems and they don´t have any teeth to help with pronunciation it´s a bit easy to tune out… haha but in time I´ll get it! 


Spiritual: This week was a rollercoaster of cancelled citas and great moments. One moment in particular had to do with a family we had contacted at a member baptism the other week! I had talked to her and scheduled an appointment and I didn´t know why but I had felt so good about it all week! When we went to her house, she wasn´t home! I was so bummed! After one of our appointments got canceled it automatically came into my mind that we should try to go back to her house again. My companion was less than supportive and mentioned that there were other houses in our area we should visit! But I kept asking and finally we called her to see if she was home. Nothing. Once again I felt like we still had to go to her house! Finally after visiting two other houses my companion finally agreed to go. When we called up to her window- she lives on the 3rd floor and the only way to contact her is through yelling her name- she immediately appeared and said she´d be down in a minute. We then had the opportunity to teach her and her husband and 2 of there daughters the first lesson: The Restoration. Wow. I don´t think I´ve ever felt the spirit so strongly… it was like I could just drink it in! Every word that I said during that lesson was filled with the Spirit and the peace in that room was amazing. After kneeling in prayer together, the family agreed to come to church the next day! After a week of canceled appointments, this was the moment that I didn´t know I had needed! A moment where I could teach with confidence in Spanish, and the people that I was teaching could feel the words that I were saying were true and from my heart! The next morning we picked up the family and all went to church together! ah they stayed for the entire 3 hours, which was a miracle in itself! I´m so excited to keep teaching them! 


Fernando: Because we live with the Bishop we also have a cat! Now I love animals and cats too, but the only problem is whenever we leave our door open Fernando comes into our room and lays right on my bed and won´t move.. it´s become a daily struggle.


Positivity: One thing I did with my comp in the CCM was every night before bed we would say one positive thing about the other person that they did well that day! So naturally, I decided my comp and I should start to do that here! Wow! We´ve only been doing it for a few days but it has TOTALLY helped us so much in our companionship, attitudes, and feelings towards our missions in general! It´s one thing I challenge each of you to do, because it is honestly lo maximo! 


Much Love! 


Hermana Hansen 


If you have time… Read 2 Nephi 31:20 it´s the best 





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