Week 7 ¡Mi Cabeza Duele!


The title of this email sums up how I´m feeling right about now! I´m a little overwhelmed but all around okay! This past week has been a blur of   members, investigators, contacts, and español.  Because this is a new area for my companion, and obviously my first area – things have been pretty rough! We´ve been trying to get to know all the past investigators, recent converts, less active, and members in the area which is a lot to do with so little spanish!


Companion: My companion is from Buenas Aires and doesn´t speak any English. It´s great because it forces me to figure out how to say things in spanish, but it also stinks at times because I can´t fully express myself and there´s only so much I can say in spanish at the moment… and I can´t just bear my testimony to her over and over again… haha. The other challenge is that she has to do a lot of the talking in conversations… the people here love to talk and often times my mental translator only works for 5 min of their 20 min explanation to my question “Why do you believe in God?” But, I´m learning little by little and my companion is starting to help me with my spanish which is great! 


Food: The food here is really good, although vegetables are hard to come by! – It´s mostly potatoes, rice, and chicken with this hot juice. We have Pencionista that cooks lunch for us every day and we make our own breakfast and normally don´t eat dinner. Our Pencionista is this short, gordita abuela who makes the Best Soup Ever! It´s a good thing that we don´t eat dinner with our pencionista because every member´s house we go to we get fed! Normally it’s some kind of torte or pan- but it´s still so filling!


Doctrina de Cristo: Our Mission president has asked each of us to memorize 2 Nephi Chapter 31 beacuse that chapter is essentially our purpose as missionaries! As part of this task we are suppose to read it daily and apply it´s principles in every aspect of our teaching. My favorite  part of this chapter is when it asks if we are following Christ if we don´t keep the commandments of God. It’s so powerful & I invite all of you to read it this week if you have time!


Peru: Wow. It´s surreal actually living here now! Seeing the homes of all our investigators and the members has helped me to realize even more – how blessed and fortunate I have been in my circumstances growing up! There have been homes where 7 people are living in two rooms, it´s definitely a different way of living. Also: Dogs. Dogs are everywhere!! And therefore there is poop everywhere! Most of the time when we are walking I have to keep my head down a bit to make sure I don´t step in any! I´ve had a few close calls!


All in all the mission is grand. Challenging, but grand. When I start to have a rough moment in a lesson, I just remember how strongly I feel the spirit when I bear my testimony to my investigators, and it just reminds me that even with my few words and jumbled grammar I can make a difference!

Love you all!

Hermana Hansen

This was Hannah’s response to one of my letter’s, tells how it really was this week

So glad everything is grand with the fam! I miss you guys too! The language is coming… but now that I´m in the field, I feel like my Spanish is worse… naturally because my translator is tired. Everyone around me is a native speaker! I´m staying positive and hope more Spanish comes to me… for now I´ll still be plucking out phrases in Español! Things with my comp has been a bit rough… I don’t understand her half the time and often I feel like she gets annoyed that she has to explain stuff to me or that I don´t understand her fully. We´ve had 2 moments where we cried together because I tried my best to explain to her in Spanish that I really was trying to understand , but that it is so so hard sometimes. I still only understand portions of what is being said which makes it hard because i feel like I can´t fully express myself – which for me is huge- but hopefully in the coming weeks things will get better°! I hope! Everything else is fine. This has for sure been the hardest part thus far.. Adjusting to everything. This week has really flown by though and I know the other weeks will as well! Hopefully my letter didn´t sound negative and was still good!

Love you so so much! also if you can burn a cd with church music and send! That would be great- not Mormon tab it will remind me of you and I´ll probably cry! Love you! Tell dad I love him too and the bishop of my new ward kind of reminds me of him!

xoxoxoxox hannah




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