Week 6

I´ve finally arrived in my mission! I can´t believe I am no longer in the CCM!! 

Last days at the CCM: In the last few days a lot happened at the CCM! 
1) Proselyting: This week was not as amazing as the last few weeks, simply because the world cup was going on! The streets were pretty bare but we still managed to find people and teach some great lessons. One of the coolest moments for me was when I got the opportunity to give the entire first lesson about the restoration of the gospel to a guy named David who invited us over to talk about God with him. I almost did it entirely by myself and even though there were moments when I could tell I hadn´t made sense, he pretty much understood me and it was pretty rad that I could actually talk to someone for 35 minutes about the gospel. 
2) Talk in Church: Every week in the CCM you have to prepare a talk for Sunday and they choose someone at random. It´s so nerve-wracking but mostly great because most of the time you don´t actually get chosen to speak… however… this Sunday out of everyone at the CCM I was chosen to talk! Ahh I was so nervous, and I was first! My talk was on the Book of Mormon and I was a bit nervous because I had written my talk directly in Spanish so I didn´t know if it really made sense! But I got up, said a little prayer and just read my talk the best I could. Afterwards I was shocked to have the Branch President – who is from Peru- come up to me and tell me that my Spanish was perfect! I couldn´t believe it! But in reality it wasn´t entirely me, I know the Lord was helping me with every word. 
3) Goodbye CCM! It was so rough to say goodbye to my first compañera! She is going to Huancayo on her mission so we had to say goodbye at 6 am yesterday morning when I boarded the bus for Lima Sur! It will be so different without her! Ah I have loved being her Comp. So much!!! 
I boarded the bus fo Lima Sur with the other 12 Elders that will also be serving in my mission!! That´s right, I was the only Hermana! We met the mission president right away which was nice and then drove about an hour to the mission office. There we had a bit of training focusing on our purpose as missionaries: To invite others to come unto Christ. Through the doctrine of Christ. It was great but also entirely in español so a bit más or menos in terms of understanding everything! Then we got assigned our areas and Companions! My companion is Herman Guelet! She is from Buenas Aires and is so sweet, kind, and patient.Even though she doesn´t speak any English, she has helped me feel welcome in the mission.We got assigned to Chorrillos,a barrio in Lima! So I guess I will be staying in Lima for a bit longer!!! Taking taxis to our apartment was a bit tight because of all the baggage, but we made it! Our apartment is so cute! and by cute, I also mean small! We live with the bishop and his family, but we live on the first floor and he lives on the 3rd floor. We were extremely lucky that we live with the bishop because, we couldn´t open the door to our cuarto!! But we finally got in and then went to tour the area with Hermana Zarita who has been serving in this area for the past 6 months!It was so nice to have hna. Zarita there as it is a new area for me and my comp! We walked around the barrio until 9:00 visiting members, less actives, and current investigators in the area. It was amazing to finally be in a neighboorhood, visiting real people and seeing how Hermana Zarita had made such an impact on each person we visited!- They were all so excited to see her! I can only hope that I can build a connection as strong with all the people here as well. When we returned home, we realized that our door wouldn´t open!! We were once again stranded!! Because of meetings the Bishop didn´t get home until 10:45 and by that point I was so exhausted I was incapable of speaking english, let alone spanish! haha but we got in, set up our beds and tried to get to bed as fast as possible! 
One thing I´ve learned this past 24 hours is how different it is to have a companion that doesn´t speak any English! – it´s really forcing me to speak spanish and learn new words which is great, but it also lends itself to a lot of jokes that only I understand… I just cannot wait until my Spanish becomes more fluent so that I can use my pesonality in both my companionship and my teaching!! 
As today was a mixture of P-day and zone/district meetings and now I´m writing you you all in an internet cafe! Tonight we have a lesson planned and some contacting that I´m really looking forward to! Even though it´s a bit discouraging to not understand everything that is being said around me, I´m staying positive and trying to speak as much as a can! I´ve already noticed an improvement in my spanish and I know it will only get better!! Love you all! 
Hermana Hansen 




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