Week #5


Hey family! Only one week left in the CCM! I can´t believe it´s already been 5 weeks!!! Wow! So here´s a little run-down of the week!

4th of July:

Wow. I´ve never felt so grateful for a 4th of July celebration! The CCM went all out and decorated our entire dining with American flags and cooked a special meal for all of us! Instead of hamburgers and hot dogs, they made an entire Thanksgiving meal for us- including the pumpkin pie! All the food was so good and it was so funny how such a simple gesture, made everyone feel so at home!

3 Witnesses:

This week during one of the lessons with our “investigators” we were talking about the importance of The Book of Mormon and inviting her to read the introduction and the Testimony of the 3 Witnesses. Never having said the word “witnesses” in Spanish, I decided to try and read the word upside down from the open Book of Mormon on the lap of my investigator. Bad Idea. Instead of saying “testigos” I said, “testigulos”…. and thus asking my investigator to read the Testimony of the 3 Testicles. My Investigator who is also my teacher stopped me and told me I was pronouncing it wrong and to never say that word… I immediately started laughing and saying “lo siento” because I knew exactly what I had said!! Oopsies! I´m just glad it didn´t happen in the mission field! Phew!


Food is the same [rice & meat] however; the popcorn at the dining hall keeps getting better and better!!… it´s so good! They also have really good fried plantains that are super addicting! Also: this week we discovered this new chocolate called Besos de Moza! They are basically chocolate covered s ‘mores with extra marshmallow fluff- hence, heaven on Earth.


This week I have come to recognize how easy it is to forget how blessed we truly are! With all the new missionaries coming in last week, it was interesting to see their reactions to things at the CCM, compared with the missionaries that have been here for 4-5 weeks! It´s interesting to see how much we have already changed, and have come to appreciate the little things so much more! I know I will only come to change even more and become more aware of my many blessings!

Book of Mormon:

Almost done! This week I´ll be finishing the B.O.M and I am so excited! My favorite part of reading this week is when Christ comes to the Americas! Ah! It is so great! I just love how he repeats so many sweet things from the Bible and even expands on doctrines and principles! It´s so cool to me that the Lord loves us all so much that he would take the time to visit, teach, and minister to the people in the Americas as well as the people in Jerusalem!

Una Más:

It´s crazy I´m finally in countdown mode again! I only have one week left before I leave for el campo! I cannot wait to get out in the Lima Sur! Although, I know it will be tough I´m so antsy to just go out and teach the people of Peru!


Love you all so much! Hope you have the best week!


Hermana Hansen


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