Week # 4


Wow! I can´t believe I only have 2 weeks left!! It´s crazy how fast the CCM is flying by!

This week we got to go proselyting which is my absolute favorite!! This time I was in a trio and a maestra came with us as well! It was such a great experience! Here are a few of my favorite moments:

Street Contacts:

This week I got to do a lot of street contacting! My Latina compañera was a little bit more timid and shy than last week so I always ended up being the one to start the conversation and whip out one of the many church pamphlets that we carry around all the time! Surprisingly, I loved it! Most people are super interested in what we have to say and are really attentive and kind. They also stare at you a lot because I´m white, blonde, and semi-tall for Peru! However, there are a lot of people who listen to you, but just don´t make eye-contact… that has to be the hardest thing ever! There was one moment during street contacting where I was talking to these two women about the plan of salvation and when I noticed they weren´t really looking at me, I abruptly stopped and apologized for my Spanish and asked them if they understood me. I figured they might not be looking at me due to my semi-Spanish babbling… but to my surprise they both responded that they understood everything I had said and were interested. That moment was really a blessing in disguise because it taught me that I really know more than I think!

Kids in Peru:

Another thing that happened this last proselyting day was that I got to teach kids! After making a few street contacts, we noticed a group of girls playing in the street and decided to go over and say hi! They were all so excited to meet me and gave me hugs and kisses! – It´s so cool how in Latin America, even if you don´t know someone, you get the warmest welcome ever! They asked me where I was from and when I told them I was from CA, they all got super excited. When I asked them what they liked to do, they all said Facebook! and were totally shocked that I had a Facebook too! Now it really became fun when I asked them who their favorite band was, they all said One Direction and then we had this huge conversation of who was our favorite and why! It was so fun to just chat to these girls and also so crazy to see how different their lives are, but yet how similar they are to kids in the USA. Before we left I taught them a quick lesson: On the cover of one of our handouts it has a picture of Jesus Christ holding a lamb. I explained to the girls that the lamb is a representation of each of them! That Jesus Loves them and wants the best for them! I told them that I knew this was true, and that if it wasn´t for Jesus Christ and the Gospel, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I wouldn´t be in Peru! Then I gave them all the little handout of Jesus Christ and gave hugs and kisses goodbye. Wow! This moment was probably one of the best things thus far on my mission- I got to interact with the people, have fun, and share the message that we all have someone (Jesus Christ) that loves us and cares for us!

At the end of proselyting we had made 10 contacts and taught 3 lessons! It was such a busy day, but also such a fabulous day! I had felt the spirit so strongly and realized that Peru is the right place for me and I cannot wait to go out into the mission field!


One other thing about proselyting, as we were going from contact to contact and casa to casa, the maestra that was with me asked me how I was so confident with Spanish and why I felt that the Lord was helping learn Spanish? I came to the conclusion of 2 things:

1. When I came to the CCM I really did not like Spanish, and my desire to learn Spanish was not too high, but as I began to pray for help and have faith that I would be able to learn it, I began to love it, and Spanish seemed to come more naturally. What I came to realize was that: I love the gospel, I love the people of Peru, and if I love all these things & Spanish is the avenue through which I can act on that love, than I love Spanish too! (and as we all know, loving something makes dealing with that something so much easier!)

2. When I talk about things that I love I tend to get a little extra smiley, bubbly and excited, and when I talk about the gospel, there is nothing different. I love this gospel so much and I´m so grateful for the happiness it´s brought in my life, so nothing brings me more excitement and happiness when I get to tell others about it!

I can´t wait for el campo in 2 weeks! Love you all! Have a fabulous week!


Hermana Hansen


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