Week #3

Wow! I’m already halfway done with the CCM!! I cannot believe it! This week has truly flown by! My compañera have decided that in the CCM each day feels like forever, but when you get to the end of the week you can’t believe it has already been a whole entire week!!! Okay so this week wasn’t as eventful as last because we only go proselyting every other Saturday! But here’s a quick update of the weeks best events!

Sister Leaders-

My compañera and I were officially called to be the Sister Leaders, which means we are in charge of all the North American sisters at the CCM. We’ve loved it and have really gotten to know the new girls which are great!


This past Sunday there was a tiny earthquake here that caught us all by surprise! It was really small, but the first time I’ve ever really noticed an earthquake happening… which was really cool!

New People-

The new people arrived last week & it has been so strange with so many North Americans here!! There are 9 North American sisters now and a lot more Elders! My Compañera and I really miss all the Latinas and our old roommates, but we’re starting to get used to the new people and it is fun watching them get used to Peru!

P-Day –

I love how close the CCM is to the Lima Temple because we get to go to the temple every Tuesday!! The people there are so sweet and all the old ladies love to greet us with hugs and kisses! The Lima Temple is located in a really nice part of Lima, but it still always blows me away how once we go through the gates of the temple and walk on the grounds of the temple, the spirit is so sweet and it feels like a much needed break from the constant classes at the CCM! Today, because we are the Sister Leaders, Hermana McReynolds and I had to lead the entire group of new missionaries to the temple and shopping! Oh my, it was so stressful! Not only did we have to explain everything about Peru to the new Elders but we had to be the time keepers and the español speakers! Even though it was stressful at the time it shocked me because I realized how much more used to Peru I have gotten and how Peru is my new “normal” haha


At the CCM Futbol is KING. At first we were the only girls that played, but now some other girls have joined! It’s so fun! I honestly think I get more of a workout from laughing at how horrible at soccer we all are than actually playing! We are only allowed to play half-court, no headers, and with sometimes 9 people on each team it’s a bit more like ping-pong.

Book of Mormon-

So my compañera and I decided to make a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon before we leave the CCM! We love it! Honestly, my comp and I just get so excited to read and we are flying through it! I’ve never loved the Book of Mormon so much! It has become such a necessity in my day and I’m discovering verses, themes, and applications that I’ve never thought of before! That’s the amazing thing about the Book of Mormon, every time you read it, there is something new you can gain! It’s such an amazing book and it really does tie everything in the gospel together!


Even though we didn’t get to go out and teach really people this week, we’ve had plenty of “investigator” actors! My compañera and I have been working so great with one another and both of us have seen a huge improvement in our Spanish and our teaching skills! It’s amazing how much you have to rely on the spirit when your vocab is as limited as ours! My favorite thing to teach about has to be the Book of Mormon and the Holy Spirit. Normally we have our investigators read John 14-26, where it talks about how to recognize the spirit, and then we have them read 1Nephi 13-40 where it talks about the need for two testaments of Christ. This has to be my favorite, because when you talk about the Holy Spirit, you can feel the atmosphere of the room change around you…. When you seek the spirit, testify of its truthfulness, and read about the importance of the Book of Mormon, the feelings of peace, happiness, and “tranquilidad” will manifest themselves in your “Corazon”. I love the feelings I get when I teach and I can’t wait to teach real people!

I love the CCM, I’m learning to love Spanish and I can’t believe in 3 weeks I will be out in the mission field!!!

Love you all so much!

Hermana Hansen

P.S. Excuse the punctuation… using Spanish keyboards is a bit difficult… especially when you only have an hour to email!


Granadilla fruit

Granadilla fruit

My reaction when first opening the fruit!

My reaction when first opening the fruit!


All the elders at the airport!

All the elders at the airport!

The Lima Temple


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