Week #1

Okay so I cannot believe I am in Peru! Here are some main points about my week….
The CCM is what the Peru MTC is called here! It is super small and in located right in Lima! One of my favorite things about this CCM is that Americans … or Gringas (as we are known here) are the minority! The CCM is probably 30% English speaking and 70% Latinas! I love the Latinas they are so much fun to eat by and even though they can’t always understand what I’m saying we’ve become fast friends!  The only sad thing is that they leave the CCM after only 2 weeks so they will leave next Tuesday!! Also with the CCM being in Peru most of our spanish teachers don’t speak fluent english so it really forces you to try your best and look up words so they can understand your questions!
Companion- I love my comp! Her name is Hermana McReynolds and she is from Oregon! We get along so well it’s crazy! Seriously, people here are constantly asking us if we knew each other before we came here! She’s a convert of only a year and a half, so it’s so inspiring to me that she already is so dedicated to service and going on a mission! We crack ourselves up on a daily basis and have been labeled as the Loud or Crazy Gringo Hermanas! Haha but we love it and having such an awesome comp in the CCM is a true blessing because not only are you with your companion at all times, you are also spending all your time in classes and studying together.
Spanish- Okay, so you know how much I hated spanish in High School, well I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I seriously LOVE spanish now. It’s still hard and confusing and annoying at times but I am so motivated to learn it and I’m growing to love it! It’s amazing how much spanish I remembered from my High School classes, and I’d never thought I’d say this… but I’m actually grateful for those two horrible years I spent in Prescott’s spanish class! At our spanish classes in the CCM everything is connected to the gospel! After learning how to “Meet someone”… the most basic thing to do in spanish, we learned how to pray and how to testify of Christ. Learning how to pray and testify in the first days of being in the CCM really reminded me how those two things are really of the utmost importance. They didn’t spend time on teaching us how to order at a resturant, but instead how to let Heavenly Father and those we teach, the contents of our hearts. Even though I still haven’t compleletly gotten the hang of it, I still feel the spirit so strongly each time I testify or pray, even if it becomes a form of Spanglish.
P-day-  Today was our p’day so we got to go to the temple and go shopping in Lima! The Lima temple is a bit away from the CCM so we had to take a bus there! OMG this bus was awesome! It looked almost like a toy bus and it was just stacked full of people! Everything in peru is a bit smaller and a bit more compact, and their busses are no exception! The Temple in lima is pretty small, but also super beautiful! I love it already! Then we got to walk around Lima a bit to pick up a few groceries and snacks! It’s crazy how crowded the streets are! Lima is a city of about 8 million people and you can tell! One of the scariest things in Lima is that the cars never stop. There are few crosswalks and pedestrians have NO rights! Every time we had to cross a street we had to run as fast as we could in order not to be hit!
District- Our district is the group of Elders and Sisters that you have all your classes with and basically spend the entire day with! I love my district! In my district, there are 4 companionships and me and my comp are the only girls! There are seriously no English Hermanas here! My comp and I are 2 out of the 4 English hermanas that came at the same time as us! It’s super small but super fun!
Food- The food here is actually suprisingly good! Every meal is rice and chicken… no lie. SO MUCH RICE. Every breakfast is eggs and desserts are interesting!! Apparently the CCM has had problems with girls gaining weight here … we even got a handout telling us to be careful not to gain weight here so hopefully I won’t go too crazy on the casino booms – they are these awesome cookies that have pop rocks in them! It’s crazy!
Well love you all and sorry this is so short, but I’m still not used to this spanish keyboard!
Much Love,
Hermana Hansen



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